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Worry-Free Estate Planning for Feds

A NARFE Federal Benefits Institute
Pre-Retirement Webinar

Date: December 13
Time: 2 p.m. ET
Cost: $39.95 

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Are you one of the 60% who don't have a will or an estate plan? Do you really need one?

YES! If you want to be in control of who gets your assets.

Take the first step today. Register for NARFE’s “Worry-Free Estate Planning for Feds” for a straightforward outline of exactly what you need to do to make sure your money and property are distributed exactly as you wish.

Mark A. Keen, CFP and NARFE Magazine’s “Managing Money” columnist, will put your mind at ease and show how a few hours of planning on your part will ensure a smooth settlement for your beneficiaries and minimize estate taxes.

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You Will Learn:

  • Who can benefit from your federal benefits
  • Ways to minimize estate taxes
  • How property transfers and how to ensure it goes where you want it
  • Should you try to avoid probate?
  • And much more!


Mark A. Keen, CFP is a financial planner with years of experience helping Feds prepare for retirement. As the expert behind NARFE Magazine’s “Managing Money” column, Mark provides knowledgeable and targeted strategies for the federal community.

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