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Understanding CSRS Offset: Your Retirement Explained
A NARFE Federal Benefits Institute Webinar  

A NARFE Federal Benefits Institute Pre-Retirement Webinar

Date: May 23
Time: 2 p.m. ET
Cost: $39.95
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Are you a CSRS Offset employee or retiree? Did you spend part of your federal career simultaneously paying into CSRS and Social Security? If so, this webinar is for you. You will receive an annuity from OPM and retirement from Social Security.

Take this opportunity to understand how Social Security might affect your pension from OPM and when this might happen.

You Will Learn:

• What CSRS Offset means
• How to calculate or estimate your offset
• When the offset will be applied to your annuity
• How the offset can affect a spousal survivor benefit
• Whether you will be exempt from the WEP if you begin to draw Social Security
• Whether you will be exempt from the GPO if you qualify for a spouse’s Social Security benefit
• And much more...


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James Marshall heads the NARFE Federal Benefits Institute. A former Federal Benefits Specialist, James helps you get a firm handle on your Federal Retirement Benefits and how they are distributed through the complex CSRS-Offset system. Stay online for BONUS one-hour chat session.

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