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It's that time of year again !!  Open season for the Federal Employee Health Benefit Plans, whenwe have the chance to compare the Health Plans and decide which one meets our individual needs as active employees and annuitants.  The active federal employee is still looking for the 1.9% raise the House approved,  but at this writing the Senate has yet to follow through.  However, a COLA of 2.8% has been announced, which may give some of us a little extra to help pay for the modest increase in some of the health plan premiums.  The premium for Medicare part B is one of the modest increases at $135, which is affordable for most of us.    Please read your November issue of NARFE Magazine for a listing of the available health plans and their premiums.

            November is going to be a busy month, having local elections plus elections for state representatives and senators.  We who are active federal employees, retirees and annuitants have a responsibility to do our homework. We should vote for those who, regardless of which political party affiliation they claim, are prepared to continue the fight against efforts to cut our earned benefits in order to lower the deficit.  ….After all, we are in no way responsible for causing said deficit!.

            Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween !

Marla Ramey,  President

Utah Federation