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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE   Data Posted: 21 Feb 2020

We are underway in the New Year of 2020, and are presented with quite a few decisions to make in the near future; not only who will lead our country,  but who will be leading our state.  Let us not forget that we are members of NARFE,  and that the mission of our organization is to preserve and to protect the earned benefits of our fellow federal employees, retirees, and annuitants.   Therefore,  attention must be paid to the campaign rhetoric and “promises” made by the numerous candidates for the offices of leadership, both nationally and locally.  An effort must be made to sift through the sometimes very foggy and unclear statements regarding our taxes, social security, and health care.  We should  try to decide how we, as individual federal employees, retirees, and annuitants, will be affected by any one of the proposed changes which have been presented.  

Those of you who are “tuned in” to the NARFE website, can click on the Legislative Action Center to take advantage of the ease of sending a letter to your representative and/or senator regarding a particular piece of pending legislation. You can edit the letter to state how that legislation will affect you personally.  It is an important part of being a NARFE member.  It’s easy to do, doesn’t cost anything,  and your message goes directly to the office you intend without going through any screening process.  ‘Politics”  are not a favorite topic of everyone,  but just sitting idle and “letting somebody else do it”  is not the best way to solve a problem,  whether it be national or local.

          I hope everyone had a warm, safe, and Happy New Year,  and is looking forward to a new year of challenges and opportunities.

Marla Ramey,  President

Utah Federation 

Avoid Post-Retirement Pitfalls Webinar

Data Posted:  16 January 2020

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James Marshall addresses areas of concern for all federal annuitants and offers advice for communicating with various federal offices such as OPM, Social Security, and the Thrift Savings Plan. James will also help you make wise choices with the federal insurances that you carry through retirement.



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