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South Area News

Congressional meetings

Visit the topic "South Area Events" for details on Congressional meetings.

Feds Feed Families Food Drive

Greater San Antonio (District 12) chapters join other federal agencies in the San Antonio area for the annual summer "Feds Feed Families" food drive from June 1-late August.  (Final date not yet available.)

In 2016 A total of $1,220.26 was donated.

This is equal to

$ 15,863.38 buying power by the San Antonio Food Bank ($1=$13).
   12,202.6 pounds of food ($1 = 10#)
     8,542    meals for hungry families ($1 = 7 meals).

Thanks to all who helped.  Your donations are being used now to help those in need in the 13 counties served by the San Antonio Food Bank.  They are also helping victims of Hurricane Harvey as the San Antonio Food Bank steps up to help while the Houston area food bank is overwhelmed.

Walk to End Alzheimer's Teams formed

The 2017 Walk to End Alzheimer's is history, but Texas did well.  Watch this spot.  We plan to have NARFE teams in 2018 as soon as registration opens.

New Braunfels 0672 (District 12) Walk to End Alzheimer's team had 19 members in place for the October 14 walk. New Braunfels was the highest fund raiser for both the New Braunfels walk and also the top NARFE team in the nation with a total of $8,417.  The team will receive the traveling trophy as the top team!  The New Braunfels walk raised over $110,000, and the NARFE National Team rasied $65,536 total.

Alzheimer's Walk


From left John Creswell*, Dorothy Creswell*, Teri Vukson*, Sandy Vogel*, Alice Pullin*, Susan Castillo, Cindy Smiley, Betty Niven*, and Kandy Galvan (*NARFE members)



Alzheimer's Walk P2


More of team, front from left: Ann Carpenter, Betty Worl, Jane Hensley, Davis Hensley and Jim Pope.  Back, Dorothy Creswell*




Alzheimer's Walk P3


4 team members at our Chapter Meeting with our W2EA banners and flowers. From left: Dorothy Creswell**, Alice Pullin, John Creswell**, and Lynn Geyer**.   **Grand Champions who raised $1,000 or more.  Susan Castillo (not in photo) achieved Champion status, raising over $500.



New Braunfels Noon Lions Donation


The New Braunfels Noon Lions Club helped greatly with a $1,000 donation.  In the photo at left, President Jack Morgan presents the "check" to Dorothy Creswell for team member John Creswell (behind the camera).



Sparkling City by the SeaChapter 91 (District 14)

Walk to End Alzheimer's is complete. We had 12 walkers on the National Active and Retired Federal Employees team this year and we were one of the top 5 teams in raising donations. Thanks to all of you that donated and we are going to do better next year.

W2End-Alz Start line


4 Team members: Beverly Mehary, Jackie Sasara, Dora Sarez, and Joel Menking



W2End-Alz Team

Front row sitting: Fern Carter, Dora Suarez, Esther Martinez 2ed row left Cameron Martin, Carter Martin, Vanessa, Jackie Sasara, Herby Garza, Delfina McHugh, Dora Benavides         3rd row (back) Beverly Mehary, Joel Menking



Here’s some interesting facts to help us get some motivation for next year.

 As of 12/08/17 the Corpus Christi walk to end Alzheimer’s had 130 teams with 793 participants. All and all, the total raised was $44,420.31. Out of the 130 teams, NARFE Chapter 91 came in 5th in razing donations of $1,200.