NARFE - South Dakota Federation
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Welcome to the South Dakota NARFE Federation Website

Federal employees and retirees - help fight to protect your earned benefits. Join NARFE today! Remember - YOU DON'T NEED TO BE RETIRED TO JOIN!

You can learn more about NARFE, learn about the how to contact your elected representatives, and sign up for NARFE by accessing the NARFE National tab above.

A note to NATIONAL members - The South Dakota Federation warmly welcomes National NARFE members that reside in our State. Even if you have decided not to join a specific chapter we are all working to accomplish the same goal - protect the hard earned pay and benefits of Federal employees and retirees. Feel free to contact a local chapter - visitors are ALWAYS welcome! Also, we have updated our bylaws to make it easier for you to participate in the Federation - join us in May 2021 at the next annual meeting!