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SD Federation Voting Information

2020 SD Federation Voting Information

For the 2020 voting cycle, elections for officers will not be held. Voting for Resolutions is now open. The voting deadline is March 31, 2020.

Election for Officers: There was no more than one candidate nominated for any of the Federation Officer positions. As such the nominated candidates are automatically elected by acclaimation. 

Resolutions: Two proposed resolutions have been submitted to the Resolutions Committee. The committee has finished their work and has recommended approval of the following two Proposed Resolutions.

Click here for Proposed Resolution - Bi-Annual Conference Schedule. - This proposed resolutions changes the Conference meeting schedule. Every year we would still have a short Annual Meeting, but on the even-numbered years we would also have a full Conference in addition to the Annual Meeting.

Click here for Proposed Resolution - Two Year Term for Federation Officers. - This proposed resolution would elimnate one Vice President position and would also extend the term of office for Federation Officers to a two-year term. NOTE - the original proposed resolution allowed for two OR three year terms of office - the Resolutions committee removed the three-year option.

Click here for Ballot for election. - Please fill in this ballot and either mail it or send via e-mail per the instructions on the ballot.


2019 SD Federation Voting Information

The deadline to propose any Resolutions, Bylaws amendments, or to nominate officers was January 31, 2019.  Voting Deadline is March 31, 2019 on proposed By-law amendments, Resolutions, or Federation Officers prior to the May meeting.

The ballot for voting is Click here for 2019 SD Federation Ballot or Click here for 2019 SD Federation Editable Ballot. The ballot is a one-paged sheet. Once completed the ballot needs to be emailed to the email address on the ballot and must be received by March 31, 2019. The ballot has room for the member name and membership number to insure that no more than one ballot is received from any member. 

If you prefer to have a paper ballot sent to you or prefer to mail your ballot please send a request to NARFE SD VOTE, 12165 Warren Loop, Sturgis, SD 57785.

The teller committee will verify that all received ballots are acceptable and then will separate the personal information from the actual voting. The results of voting will be announced at the 2019 SD Federation Conference/Annual Meeting in May, and will also be available on the SD Federation web page after the Conference.

Bylaws - No proposed Bylaws amendments were received by the deadline.

Officers - There was no more than one person nominated for any of the Federation Officer positions. As such the nominated officers will be considered elected by acclamation in accordance with the Federation Bylaws.

Resolutions - One proposed Resolution was received by the deadline. The proposed Resolution was reviewed by the Resolutions Committee, and the committee added the word “taxable” in two locations to provide clarity. The committee recommended that the membership vote to accept the proposed Resolution. The proposed Resolution, as recommended by the Resolutions Committee, is available Click here for 2019 Resolution..