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More information about FEDcon20 will be provided soon.


Put your future first as you learn from the best at FEDcon18
The Premier Training Conference for the Federal Community


FEDcon18 in Jacksonville, Florida, August 26-28, set the stage for a one-of-a kind forum celebrating the dedication of America’s civil servants.


FEDcon18 was a lively two and a half days of thought-provoking speakers, leadership training, intensive education on federal benefits and financial planning, and opportunities to connect with fellow NARFE members and federal colleagues.


In over 30 sessions and workshops NARFE experts delivered:

·         On Federal Benefits: Practical, easy-to-understand knowledge to ensure that you capitalize on your federal benefits and leave nothing on the table at retirement and beyond

·         On Advocacy: A close inspection of legislation and policies threatening the security of current and retired Feds – and what you can do

·         On Leadership: Best practices and leadership development to enhance the federal community’s contribution at the local level

·         On Life Management: How to manage and get the best from social media, managing and getting support in your role as a caregiver, and transitioning to and through retirement.

PLUS: Four keynote speakers to inspire you throughout the conference. NPR/FOX New’s Mara Liasson with words of wisdom on the current state of politics and the federal community; NASA astronaut Mike Massimino with his unique perspective on teamwork and leadership as a civil servant; Federal Benefits Expert Tammy Flanagan rethinks retirement and inspires you to live the retirement of your dreams; and actor and author Henry Winkler shares with humor his inspiring story of childhood struggles to stardom and beyond.


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