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Chapter Officer Duties

Chapter Officer Duties


Every officer in NARFE chapters should be acquainted with the publications available on that will help in the performance of their duties, especially F-54, F-55, F-56, F-58, F-60, and F-10.  Look for them after you sign in under "Downloadable Forms."  You can read the information online and then print the publications you desire to keep in your records.

But, the following is a checklist of duties which are time sensitive.  Please understand what these duties are and file them in a timely manner.  If you don't know what to do, ask someone who does.  Your Federation officers will be happy to accept calls about any of these duties.  The chapter President can assign these duties to another officer in the chapter, but should make sure that the reports are filed on time.

January-February of Each Year

At the end of December, go into your chapter records on the National website by signing into the Officer Portal, and note how many members you have in your chapter.  Send to the Federation Treasurer your per capita dues of $2 (two) dollars per member.  This will allow your chapter to remain in good standing in the Federation.  The per capita is due by the end of February.  The Federation treasurer may send a billing showing the amount you owe.

Around the beginning of each odd numbered year, you should receive an information packet from the State Conference committee.  It may arrive by e-mail.  Study the information and pass it on to your chapter members so they know about the conference and can plan to attend.  In even numbered years, you will receive information about the Federation Annual Meeting.

March or April of Each Year

An E-Postcard must be filed with the IRS each year in order to maintain your tax-exempt status.  Go to this link for the information you need: :
This E-Postcard is actually due by May 15th, but it is easier to remember it when you do your own tax return.  You will need your chapter's EIN number.  This number should be safely protected in your files.  There is no paper form for the must file online

November-December of Each Year

As soon as your officers for the next calendar year are established, file your form F-7 online at  Sign into the Officer Portal.  Fill it out carefully.  This F-7 must be filed by the end of each calendar year even if your officers do not change, and file it if an officer changes during the year.  National NARFE and your Federation must have a current list of your officers.

Several Weeks Before the National Conference in Even Numbered Years

During the weeks before the National Conference, you will receive information about it. Pass on the information to your chapter members so that they know about it and can make plans to attend.