NARFE - Ohio Federation
Welcome to Ohio's National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association

This website is designed to assist Federal employees and retirees, as well as their dependent(s). Use it to resolve issue(s) affecting you or the federal community. Information you will find here will deal with healthcare, COLAs, and retirement / pre-retirement issues just to name a few. We also identify legislation issues currently in Congress that could affect your “Earned Benefits” that was promise to you when you hired into the federal community.

Our association was formed in 1921 to protect the federal community’s “Earned Benefits”.





March 30, 2020 - NARFE headquarters closed till June 10, 2020. To read the memo from Barb Sido, Executive Director, of NARFE click on read more

State Convention/Conference or Annual Meeting

The 'ANNUAL MEETING' (May 2nd) has been


2020 Ohio Federation "Annual" meeting

OPEN to ALL National-Only and Chapter members

May 2, 2020 at the Der Dutchman Restaurant,

720 SR 97 -  West,  Bellville, Ohio 44813.  

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 2021 Ohio Federation "Convention/Conference"  

Tentatively Scheduled for May 6-7, 2021. 

The DoubleTree Hotel  Independence, Ohio. 

District News and Events

There are nine (9) districts in Ohio. 

Each District has 2 to 6 Chapters.


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National Legislation Information

Congress and President signs bill to keep the government open.

** Pay raise for federal employees (3.1%) across the board

** Pay raise for federal Retirees (1.9%)

** Support the FAIR Act of 2019 (HR 1073 & S 426)


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Federation Membership Report

January 2020 Membership Report 

Here is a basic membership report identifying the latest statistics for the Chapters. We are now down to 30 Chapters. All the chapter we have had to close was all due to no volunteers stepping up to take over the chapter leardership.  Many of the chapter members opted to become a "national-only" member.  Many did this because they have health issues or they just live too far from the closest chapter to them. We now have 4 chapters with 5, 10, 25, 26, members each and 11 Chapters with 60 to 29 members. 


Here is some more satistics;