NARFE - Minnesota Federation
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President's Message

We have many concerns, but our primary objectives are recruiting/retention of members and LEGISLATION that may impact our earned and promised benefits. Our primary goal is to convince current and retired federal employees that we must be willing to unite and work together to enhance and protect the benefits that were promised to us before, during and sometimes after our many years of dedicated service to our country.

To accomplish this formidable task, we need each and every current or retired federal employee to join our ranks. We all recognize that there is "strength in unity," and we must be able to get Congress to listen to us and act in our behalf. To do this, we must try to maintain and continually increase our membership numbers so they will consider us worthy of their attention/actions. When dealing with Congress, numbers count and the size of your constituency determines the attention you receive.

If you are interested in membership, please visit our "Contact Us" section, and we will be happy to send you an application and other useful NARFE information for your review. I would also encourage you to visit our headquarters web site which also contains much interesting information. Just click on the "National Website" button.

Again, welcome to our web site and please continue to visit us often. Some of our sections are seldom updated; but, others continually change (Membership, with reports listed at the end of the introductory section; News & Notes; Legislature, with reports listed at the end of the introductory section; and, MN Happenings). So, remember – think about joining NARFE soon, and help us protect your current and future hard-earned benefits!