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President's Message
...and THANKS for visiting our Minnesota NARFE web site! My name is Karen Thygeson, and I am currently President of the Executive Board of the Minnesota State Federation of NARFE Chapters. I want to personally welcome you on this visit, and hope that you will continue to visit with us from time to time, in order to keep yourself up to date and "educated" on all the issues of interest to all current and retired federal employees.
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See also President's Report under Regional/National Happenings
Minnesota NARFE Website

This website is one of the avenues by which news and information is distributed from chapter and Federation officers to NARFE members in Minnesota.  Other avenues are the newsletter (see archives at right) and emails.

This website complements the NARFE National website, which can be entered via the icon at the upper right.  That website has a rich mix of news and information.  There is a public area and areas reserved for members and chapter and Federation officers.

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Minnesota Chapters


Click here for Chapter Contacts, 1/28/18.

(Contact information, meeting times, meeting sites.)


Secretary's Corner

Greetings! I am Roxanne Ianovich, and I look forward to serving you as the new Secretary on the Executive Board of the Minnesota State Federation of NARFE Chapters. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas to share. You can reach me by phone at 651-681-9548, or via email at
Thanks for checking out the Federation website. You are encouraged to do so often. After all, this is YOUR website. Use it often to stay informed on issues important to you and your chapter.This link contains important information from the MN NARFE Federation Secretary.


MN Happenings

Convention News, Scholarship News,

NARFE PAC, Membership News, Health Fairs,

Service Officer Information.


Legislative Matters

Click here for MN state legislators 5/21/18.

Click here for MN federal legislators 5/21/18

Click here for 2018 elections - overview.

Click here for 2018 elections - state office candidates.

Click here for 2018 elections - federal office candidates.

Click here for 2018 MN Legislative Lost Year.

Click here for 2018 MN Legislative Malfeasence.

Click here for 2018 MN Bonding Bill.

Regional/National Happenings

(State, Chapter and District information is found in MN Happenings.)

Click here for NARFE 2018 Election Results.



Our Membership VP is Jim Ryan

Click here for Jan 2018 Message from Jim Ryan.

Click here for Explanation of Dues Withholding.


Reports Archive

This section is a repository of the Federation's Approved Reports, namely the

Meeting Minutes and the Treasurer's Reports

All these reports have been reviewed and accepted by either the Executive Board or the Membership (through their delegates at convention).


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Alzheimer's Information

Alzheimer's disease is the chosen charity concern of the nation-wide NARFE, in cooperation with the Alzheimer's Association

Virginia Patton of St.Cloud is is the Coordinator for Alzheimer's Fundraising in Minnesota.

Maria Shriver/Bill Gates interview (1/30/18):

Here's news (6/25/18) about an AARP $60 million investment: 


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