NARFE - Kentucky Federation
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Message From The Kentucky
Federation of Chapters



MAY 11, 2017


During the past two years, I have visited all chapters at least once in

Districts 3, 4, and 5. Also I have attended District 1 's Spring Sprint and Fall

Roundup in 2015 and 2016. The chapter visits that I have attended had a

business meeting and most have had guest speakers. Some have had

lunch or dinner included in their meetings.

I have attended the Federation Presidents Meeting in 2015 and the

National Convention in 2016. In addition, I have attended the Region X

conferences in Tennessee and Virginia.

At the 2016 National Convention, we voted to approve several Bylaw

changes and resolutions. In order to increase membership, mandatory

chapter membership was revoked. Along with this, the eChapter (2363)

was closed and those members became National Division members.

Those members residing in Kentucky are members of our Federation. Our

Federation receives the same 10% funds from National Office for the

National Division members as we do for chapter members. We support

them with limited information. The National Division members can hold

offices at the Federation Level.

In my opinion, the bigger change came with the passage of the one

member one vote (OMOV). This means all NARFE members have the

opportunity to vote in all National elections and all Federation elections.

These two changes are requiring us to change our Federation bylaws. We

are currently reviewing potential changes and will have them ready for

voting within the next few months as our current Bylaws require.

During the past two years, we have closed four chapters. These chapters

were closed because of declining membership, few if any chapter meetings

and no members willing to step up in leadership positions.

Currently we have a few chapters is distress because of lack of leadership

and few if any monthly chapter meetings.

As of Sunday, May 7th, the Kentucky Federation has 2151 members and the National

Division has 537 members this year in Kentucky. In the past two months, the National Division has grown by over 200 members.

In the past two years, the Information Services Department at the National

Office has improved the communications ability of NARFE. The Online

Activity Module has been approved by adding to the ability to communicate

with NARFE members. It is a very useful tool for leadership to use to

communicate with the membership. Leaders are able to email members in

a more useful manner. The only drawback to the email system is the lack of

members opening the emails. In the Federation, we have over 900 chapter

members with email addresses. In the past two emails sent, each time

there were over 600 never opened.

This concludes my report.


Michael R. Cornelison,

Kentucky Federation of Chapters President