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Candidate for National Secretary/Treasurer - Cindy Renee Blythe
Cindy Renee Nlythe

Candidate for National Secretary/Treasurer - Cindy Renee Blythe

Over the years, I’ve held several leadership positions in NARFE; as chapter and federation president then Region V Vice-President. All of that experience has led me to seek the position of National Secretary/Treasurer for the 2020-2022 term. During the National Convention of 2014, we voted to reduce the number of National Officers from four to two; National President and National Treasurer. The bylaw amendment was two-fold; to reduce the number of officers and to remove the “resident” requirement. The article in the July 2014 NARFE magazine reads “Both the National President and the National Treasurer would remain ‘resident’ until a successful Executive Director search is complete and adequate transition time has transpired”. The Executive Director was hired April 2017, yet the National Secretary/Treasurer is still a full-time resident officer. I believe “adequate transition time has transpired” and if elected for the 2020-2022 term I will remain in Kansas with a corresponding reduction in salary conducting business from home with travel to Headquarters when necessary. Utilizing today’s technology, the duties of the secretary/treasurer can easily be accomplished from Kansas. Go-to-meeting conferences will be conducted weekly or on an as-needed basis. Working from home will ease the expenses of the National Office while still accomplishing the duties of the position. NARFE turns 100 in 2021 and we must do everything possible to sustain our organization. As we continue to seek younger members, the application of new technologies will demonstrate that our organization is evolving. I pledge to continue to explore new avenues to regenerate interest in NARFE, while continuing to provide benefits to existing members. It is through our existing members that we gain insight into what potential members need from our organization. If elected as National Secretary/Treasurer, my first focus will be on mending the gap that exists between National officers and our members. Potential members are of great importance to the continued existence of NARFE but we must not make light of the members that grew the organization to what it is today and the value they provide. Those members continue to support the mission and vision daily. Just look at the effort members take to communicate with their elected officials, persistently working towards the advocacy program goals. To help NARFE move forward, I believe our organization needs a strategic plan that is well defined with milestones and measurements. The document produced by the Future of NARFE committee can be used as a guideline, but falls short as a stand-alone document. A successful strategic plan must be created with goals derived from the Strategic Outlook Statements and through a series of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analyses, as well as numerous discussions and recommendations from various entities within the organization itself. The process of establishing strategic goals helps prioritize and focus our collective efforts to best accomplish our mission. I am very proud of the fact that I am the second-generation in a three-generation federal civil servant and NARFE family. Both my parents played a central part in creating my local NARFE chapter. Both held various leadership positions; so, my membership in the organization was not unexpected. I remember my mother telling me what NARFE not only could do but was doing that directly made a difference in my federal career. Once I joined our local chapter, I quickly agreed to fill the position of Chapter President. I continued in that position until being elected as Region V Vice-President in 2018. Leadership positions have always held an allure for me so when the opportunity arose, I put my name in the ring for 2nd Vice-President of the Kansas Federation. I served one year as 2nd Vice-President then was elected as 1st Vice-President. Two short months after the election, Carol Ek was asked to fill the remaining term for Region V Vice-President vacated by Richard Thissen. I moved to Kansas Federation President and served in that position until November 2018 when I accepted the Region V Vice-President position. Juggling priorities is not new to me; I attained my Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration from Baker University while working full time and picking up extra courses at the local community college. I am the spouse of a large animal veterinarian, Steven D. Blythe DVM. We have raised two beautiful daughters, Suzanna Marie Cubit and Chantelle Renee’ Haas. Suzanna is currently a registered nurse working on her Master’s degree in nursing while completing the requirements to became a Physician’s Assistant. Chantelle is a Civilian Travel Specialist working for the US Coast Guard in Topeka Kansas. Suzanna and her husband, Aaron, have four children while Chantelle is a single mother raising her three children. I hope that members of NARFE allow me the opportunity to continue to utilize the experience I have gained serving in leadership roles and continue my service to NARFE and its members. Thank you for supporting me these past two years as a member of the National Executive Board and I look forward to continuing my service towards a better NARFE as your National Secretary/Treasurer. I invite you to visit my Facebook page, and feel free to send me a message or questions to my email address of