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NARFE Kentucky Federation Executive Board Meeting Minutes 4 21 2020

NARFE Kentucky Federation Executive Board Meeting Minutes 4/21/2020



                                           Executive Board Meeting – April 21, 2020



Voting members present were: Tony Mackzum, Mike Cornelison, Denver Parks, Stephen Saylor, Kenneth Overhults, Henry Duncan, Mary Lu Funyak, Dan DeWitt, and Margaret Curtsinger.

Other non-voting members present: William Shackelford, Donna Shackelford, Sally Watkins, Noreene Morgan, Carolyn Redmond, Tom Miller and Nancy Hellman.

Tony Mackzum, Federation President, called the meeting to order and gave opening remarks and lead in Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.   Mary Lu Funyak gave the Invocation.

The Secretary's Report for the minutes of the previous meeting were provided by Denver Parks and since there were no changes or additions, the president indicated the minutes of the previous meeting would stand approved as presented.

The Treasurer's Report was provided by Steve Saylor and since there were no changes or additions, the president indicated the Treasurer's Report would stand approved as presented.

Michael Cornelison gave the following remarks:

  • To date, 111 Alzheimer’s Raffle Tickets have been sold with proceeds of $110 with all tickets due by April 30th. The Treasurer indicated the breakeven point is $1,200. At a later date, the Federation will need to review and make a decision whether to pursue this initiative again next year.
  • Consideration is being given to using ZOOM as the media connection for future board meetings. The current cost of GoToMeetings is $447/year and it appears the cost of ZOOM would be $180. More information and a determination will be forthcoming at a later date.  
  • Earlier, a draft copy of the revised Federation Bylaws was submitted to Chapter Presidents and Federation Officers. The revision is necessary to conform with National Bylaws. Motion made by Michael Cornelison and seconded by Kenneth Overhults for approval. After discussion, motion was approved by voice vote. The revised Bylaws will be submitted by the Secretary for National Office approval.

Noreene Morgan, Federation Service Officer, indicated she will be contacting Chapter Service Officers in the future. Noreene volunteered and was designated by the Federation President to serve as the State Congressional liaison for Kentucky.

Tom Miller, Federation Legislative Chairman, indicated several legislative bills favored by NARFE are in process. The status of those can be reviewed in the NARFE Monthly Magazine and contacts to Congressional Leaders are encouraged.

Sally Watkins indicated with the closing of the Marshal County Chapter, there are 13 Chapters in Kentucky with 1132 chapter members. She indicated the total membership on a National basis is approximately 193,000.

Each of the District Vice Presidents provided updates on chapter activities within their respective areas and copies of those are attached. Due to the size of the report, Dan DeWitt’s update is forwarded on a separate email.

William Shackelford gave the following comments:

  • The National Office is operating with a reduced staff with no authorized travel except for National Meetings.
  • The Audit Report was good and there will be a new auditor for the 2020 audit year.
  • A proposal is in process to change the beginning date for new officers from November 1st to January 1st
  • The planned increase in membership dues from $40 to $48 will be on the ballot.
  • Four chapters in the District closed this year and three more are in headquarters waiting for approval. From 2014, the number of chapters has dropped from 177 to 118.
  • National Office personnel are working from home thru June 10th. Several National Office employees have been furloughed.
  • It is not known when AMS will be up and running.
  • With regard to Fedcon 20, it is not known if it will be postponed.

According to NARFE National Newsletter, the Early Bird Rate goes thru May 1st.

No other items of business were presented.

Motion was made by Mike Cornelison and seconded by Stephen Saylor to adjourn.

The president adjourned the meeting.


Denver Parks

Federation Secretary