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NARFE Kentucky Federation Executive Board Meeting Notes 21 January 2020



                                    Executive Board Meeting – January 21, 2020

                                                    Electronic Goto Meeting


Voting members present were: Tony Mackzum, Mike Cornelison, Denver Parks, Stephen Saylor, Kenneth Overhults, Henry Duncan, Mary Lou Funyak, Dan DeWitt, and Ann Curtsinger. Sally Watkins was the only Non-Voting member present. William Shackelford, District Vice President, was also in attendance.

Tony Mackzum, Federation President, gave opening remarks and indicated he installed officers at the Capital Chapter and assisted Mike Cornelison and Stephen Saylor with preparation of the proposed budget. Tony then turned the meeting to Mike Cornelison for comments and to assist in conducting the meeting as follows:

  • By the end of the month, the National Office should be making distribution of the exact amount of money still owed to the Chapters and the Federation.


  • On November 19th, all Chapters received 30 Alzheimer’s Tickets and one Chapter has sold all allocated tickets and made request for more.


  • The 990 Tax Returns will be filed by Mike. AMS continues to have discrepancies. Three AMS Reports should be available by the end of the day and not sure of information to be in those reports.


  • Registration opens February 3rd for the FEDcon20 Meeting to be held August 30th thru September 1st at Westin Kierland Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, AZ. Registration fee is $165 and will increase to $190 after March 31st. At the door on the first day of conference, the Registration Fee will be $220. For additional information, go to


  • Motion by Tony Mackzum and seconded by Mary Lou Funyak to pay Registration Fee of $165 for any member of the Federation that would like to attend the FEDcon20 Meeting. Roll call of votes: Mike Cornelison-yes, Denver Parks-yes, Stephen Saylor-yes, Kenneth Overhults-yes, Henry Duncan-yes, Dan DeWitt-yes, Mary Lou Funyak-yes, and Ann Curtsinger-yes. Motion Passed.


Other comments were as follow:

  • Kenneth Overhults, Federation Parliamentarian, suggested the Secretary’s minutes of meetings should include listing of the names present and note whether the member is a voting or nonvoting member. Kenneth also advised the Federation needs to move ahead with the New Bylaws.


  • Henry Duncan made suggestion for an agenda to be prepared for each meeting and the Secretary do a roll call for voting on motions during Federation “Go To Meetings”.


  • Motion by Stephen Saylor and seconded by Henry Duncan to approve minutes of the last meeting. Roll call of votes: : Mike Cornelison-yes, Denver Parks-yes, Stephen Saylor-yes, Kenneth Overhults-yes, Henry Duncan-yes, Dan DeWitt-yes, Mary Lou Funyak-yes, and Ann Curtsinger-yes. Motion Passed.


  • District Vice Presidents gave reports for activities in their District for the fourth quarter. See Attachments for those reports.


  • Sally Watkins, Federation Membership Chairman, advised there are fourteen chapters with 1340 members and membership did not increase for any of the chapters. The total National Membership stands at 193,000.


  • Tony emphasized the importance of using the Federation Website as a repository of quarterly reports and he wishes to have all of those posted to the website. Mike indicated he will get in touch with Tom Diaz to get this coordinated with Denver Parks.


  • William Shackelford, Regional Vice President, indicated the Fiscal Condition of NARFE is in question. The travel budget for Regional Vice Presidents has been taken away. Salaries are being reduced by as much as 50%. The year 2013 is the only year the agency has not had to use Investment Funds for operating purposes. A proposal is being considered to reduce funds to the field offices from 10% to 5% in 2021. A 50% cut in salary is proposed for the Sec/Treasurer for 2022. One Federation is exploring the possibility of closing all chapters and going National with membership. The next Regional Meeting is March 17th, 18th, & 19th. Sent letter to National Office advising of AMS weaknesses. Current Contingency Funds as of end of September on National Level are $2.3 Million with General Funds of $3.2 Million. There is a proposal to raise membership Dues from $40 to $48 in an effort to get the agency operating on a sound basis. The National Office Building in DC is still on the Market at 8 million.


  • Motion by Denver Parks and seconded by Stephen Saylor to accept

Proposed Federation Budget as presented by Mike Cornelison for the current operating year. Roll call of votes: Mike Cornelison-yes, Denver Parks-yes, Stephen Saylor-yes, Kenneth Overhults-yes, Henry Duncan-yes, Dan DeWitt-yes, Mary Lou Funyak-yes, and Ann Curtsinger-yes. Motion Passed.


  • Motion by Dan Dewitt and seconded by Kenneth Overhults to approve rates and allowances per budget. Roll call of votes: Mike Cornelison-yes, Stephen Saylor-yes, Kenneth Overhults-yes, Dan DeWitt-yes, Mary Lou Funyak-yes, and Ann Curtsinger-yes. Motion Passed.


  • Motion made by Stephen Saylor and seconded by Mary Lou Funyak to set the Per Capita Fund Rate at $2.00 per member. Roll call of votes: Mike Cornelison-yes, Stephen Saylor-yes, Kenneth Overhults-yes, Dan DeWitt-yes, Mary Lou Funyak-no, and Ann Curtsinger-yes. Motion Passed.


  • Stephen Saylor advised Chapter Audits are to be done by April 1st.


  • Motion to adjourn made by Kenneth Overhults and seconded by Stephen Saylor. Mike Cornelison adjourned the meeting.


Denver Parks

Federation Secretary




4 th Quarter District 3 DVP Report

Ch 1050 10-07-19 The speaker was Susan Allgood Aetna representative for FEHB plans who went over the changes for 2020.

Ch 1610 10-16-19 The speaker was Susan Horn who gave an update on changes to the BCBS FEHB plans for 2020, short meeting followed I reported on the Ky federation E board meeting.

Missed Chapter 262’s meeting as it was held today.

10-29-19 Dorsey Kosarovich, Joe Whalen and I manned a table at the Blue Cross FEHB Open Season event at Hilton Gardens Inn, spoke to a lot of retirees and told them about the benefits of becoming a member of NARFE also handed out a lot of applications to join.

Ch 1050 11-04-19 This was the last chapter meeting for 2019, Susan Horn spoke about upcoming changes to FEHB Blue Cross health insurance. Sharon Crady also reported during the meeting that Carolyn Redmon would be the Alzheimer’s chair for the Ky Federation, and Noreene Morgan would be the Ky Federation Service Officer.

Ch 262 11-20-19 The speaker was Susan Horn who gave upcoming to changes to FEHB Blue Cross health insurance for 2020. Nomination and election of officers was held during the regular meeting and are President: Dorsey Kosarovich 1 st Vice President: currently vacant Secretary: Mary Jo Delaney Treasurer: Bob Delaney

12-06-19 I attended the Christmas Party for Chapter 262 and installed the Officers for the next two year term, also their committee chairs are: Legislative Maurice Jeffries, Narfe Pac Mary Lou Andres, Alzheimers Elinore Jeffcoat, Service Officer Lynn Jamison, Mary Ellen Garrison Newsletter Editor.

I recieved an email from Dorsey, she said Joe Whalen was willing to serve as 1 st Vice President.

Ch 1610 12-11-19 We elected an installed the officers for 2020 they are President: Dan DeWitt, Vice President: Jean Duncan, Secretary: Donna Walker, Treasurer: Julia Carey Jean Duncan couldn’t make the meeting I will swear her in at the meeting on March 18,2020.




Kentucky Federation District 4 Vice President’s Report
October - December 2019
Prepared January 19, 2020

October 2019
I attended meetings in Kenton County and Campbell County and the Blue Cross Blue
Shield rep, Susan Horn held her annual presentation. Both were well attended. Was not
able to attend Maysville’s meeting - they also had Susan and the BCBS presentation.
Boone County had a regular business meeting in October.

November 2019
I attended Kenton County meeting, and they decided no meeting in December as many
were going to Campbell’s Christmas party, and no meeting in January, 2020. Attended
Maysville meeting with another member, and they had a regular business meeting.
Boone County had Blue Cross Blue Shield and Susan Horn’s presentation, with over 50
people in attendance.

December 2019
Attended Maysville’s Christmas luncheon. Attended the Campbell County Christmas
party that included members from Boone, Kenton and Campbell. No other meeting in
Northern KY for December.
There were several questions arising from presidents in the area. One was on a very
confusing email sent out from the Alzheimer Chair person on how to send money in.
Another was information sent out from National on proposed changes - to dues and
several other issues. Another question came up on when chapters could send
information to National members. This chapter wanted to send a copy of their quarterly
newsletter. Response was no, not allowed. If chapters are meeting with legislative
officers, then notify Federation President and then we may get ok and President would
get the email addresses. Other than legislative meetings, don’t try to contact the
National members.
AMS reports still screwy, things have been relatively quiet.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Lu Funyak, District 4 Vice President



District V Quarterly Report October-December, 2019

   The District V P visited the four chapters, assisting in programs and the installation of officers; Chapter members have made recruiting visits to federal agencies; membership recruitment continues to be an issue; Leadership positions remain to be filled in chapters; Good companionship continues among Chapter members. Members are complementary of the informative NARFE Magazine and also the news of social security and federal annuities increasing by 1.6 % due to NARFE’s legislative actions. NARFE Webinars have been informative to members; Concerns continue about membership reports.   H.D.

097 CENTRAL KENTUCKY, LEXINGTON Chapter: Charter Date; 11/03/1961

In addition to carrying out NAFE mission, the Chapter supports three local charities by fundraising and personal interaction; members also raise funds and walk in annual Alzheimer walk; they assist in supporting local needs in VA hospital and local elementary school. Chapter Dues Amount; $10.00; Meeting Place Crestwood Christian Church 1882 Bellefonte Dr. Lex.
Chapter Website As of 1-23-2020; Current Chapter Members 325, National Members in Chapter Area 150 , Total Chapter plus National Members 475

2203 FORT HARROD Chapter; Charter Date: 05/01/1991

In addition to carrying out NARFE mission, Chapter schedules informative chapter programs and presenters, Blue Cross programs are always of interest; a new service officer is operating. Chapter Dues Amount $5.00; Meeting place: Hospice facility office in Danville, KY
As of 1-23-2020: Current Chapter Members 33, National Members in Chapter Area 51

Total Chapter plus National Members 84


2229 CAPITOL, FRANKFORT Chapter; Charter Date: 10/01/1990

In addition to carrying out NARFE mission, Chapter schedules numerous area tours and visits that are attractive to members and assist in member recruitment. Federation President Tony Mackzum attended the January meeting to install officers; Chapter Dues Amount $6.00
Meeting Place: Capitol City Activity Center, 202 Medical Heights, Frankfort, KY 40601

As of 1-23-2020: Current Chapter Members 37, National Members in Chapter Area 23

Total Chapter plus National Members 60


1249 BOONESBOROUGH Chapter; Charter Date: 10/01/1972

In addition to carrying out NARFE mission, Chapter schedules meeting in various locations in Berea and Richmond to attract more members; Local County officials are invited to present programs of interest to the membership. Chapter Dues Amount $7.00
As of 1-23-2020: Current Chapter Members 62; National Members in Chapter Area71

Total Chapter plus National Members 133




To: Federation Board

From: From: Federation Network Coordinator  

January 2020

I have a new email address:


The Kentucky Federation Website is at this address:

The Web Site directly links to the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association website which is a perk for Kentucky NARFE Members; I encourage everyone to use our Kentucky Federation Website as a jumping point to the National Website.

Visitors to the KY NARFE website since its creation: 4382

Feel Free to send me your photos and written Documents.

National has made a big change in their website and modules and they ask you to go there and see if everything is OK for your information.

The National Website wants you to view their new logo.

The future for NARFE is at the Webinars and online websites plus the equipment to do so.



Thomas D. Diaz,

Federation Network Coordinator  

620 W. Elm St.

Marion, KY. 42064    


Email or Text 270 969 1424