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Kentucky Federation of Chapters 2015 NARFE Annual Convention April 7, 8, and 9

Kentucky Federation of Chapters

2015 NARFE Annual Convention April 7, 8, and 9                    


Noreene Morgan, President, called the convention to order, followed by the Invocation by Mary Lu Funyak. Posting of the colors was handled by the 123rd KY Air National Guard Honor Guard Team.

Tony Mackzum led the Pledge of Allegiance and Marlene Bunten welcomed all to the convention.

Mary Lu Funyak presided over the Memorial Service. She read the names of each chapter’s deceased members as that District Vice President lighted a candle. As an unusual and poignant touch, a bagpiper, Carol Brumley played “Amazing Grace”.

Bob Nicely gave the Credentials Committee Report, 15 of 22 chapters were present indicating we have a quorum. Marlene moved and Mary Lu seconded that the Credentials Report be accepted. All in favor. Report accepted. Marlene Bunten moved and Paul Johnson seconded the Agenda/Program be adopted. All in favor. Agenda/Program accepted. Marlene Bunten moved and Paul Johnson seconded the Convention Rules (printed in the program booklet) be adopted. All in favor. Convention Rules accepted.

Nomination of Officers followed. A slate of potential officers was read – Mike Cornelison for President – Nathan Henderson for Vice President – Noreene Morgan for Secretary – Steve Saylor for Treasurer. Nominations were solicited from the floor, none received. Federation Board is elected by acclimation.

Kevin Winsted from the Attorney General’s office spoke to the group about SCAMS – what we need to watch out for when a “deal” seems too good to be true, it probably is. Kevin suggested we use the web site Telephone number is 888-432-9257.

Christa Robinson of Jon Yarmuth’s office spoke to about how she and her staff can be of assistance regarding federal problems.

A discussion was held regarding holding the Federation Convention only every other year, next one would be 2017. Mike C. commented that we tried the two year at the same place in order to get a better deal. Motion made by Mary Lu Funyak for the convention to be held every other year, seconded by Joe Horcher, vote taken, motion passed.  

Paul Johnson asked if we should return to the old way, holding the convention in the district hosting. Noreene said we should rely on the “Time and Place Committee” to do some research and provide an option.

Roland Haun, our PAC person, asked us for our generosity regarding our Political Action Committee. Stop by his table.

Door prizes were distributed by Fern Stokley and her committee.

Convention recessed for the day.


Noreene called the convention to order, Invocation by Mary Lu Funyak and Pledge by Bob Nicely.

Noreene introduced National President, Dick Thissen, who spoke to us via DVD. He talked about the new programs he has instituted since his Presidency began. A major reorganization is in place, and the elimination of two Board positions allow for more money to be spent wisely.

Susan Horn of Blue Cross/Blue Shield held an exercise session for all in attendance. This was a hit last year so it was brought back this year.

Jessica Klement, National Legislative Director, was present and spoke about legislation, Protect America’s Heartbeat, Federal Managers Association, Chained CPI, sequestration, FEHB and other subjects. She invited attendees to ask any questions we have when she finished her speech. She was incredibly knowledgeable.

Bill Shackelford, Region X VP, spoke about the concern over the loss of members, Region X Conference in September, Changes at the National Level. He asked us all to have patience and give the new leaders some time.

After lunch, the attendees went to their separate District Caucuses. Reports will be shared on Thursday.

A representative from Medicare Senior Patrol spoke on what their company does with help with such as finding Doctors, Clinics, and provide assistance to seniors. They also have volunteers who work with their staff. They work to prevent, detect, report health care fraud, errors and abuse. Since 1997 they have recovered 27.8 billion dollars to the Medicare Trust Fund. It was very interesting.

Donna Shackelford, Region X Alzheimer’s Representative, spoke about the work the Alzheimer’s Association is doing. At present, Alzheimer’s can only be detected after the person is deceased. We need to have more science in order to conquer this dread disease. The Alzheimer’s Association appreciates how generous NARFE has been throughout the years.

Anna Perkins, Federation Alzheimer’s Representative, thanked the members for their support, especially since the $100.00 raffle has been established. She encouraged us to get our tickets for the New Year which begins May first.

Martha Nall, retired University of Ky. Professor and NARFE member, spoke on NARFE Branding. She explained the need for everyone to be involved in Branding at all levels. Carry an application with you at all times or keep one in your car, they are small. It is not only the responsibility of the National Office, but for all members. It is important to get the word out there as our membership continues to drop.

Noreene’s Presidents report followed. She has served NARFE at the Federation Level for eight years. She especially enjoyed her role as Treasurer for the National Convention in 2008. The Federation is in good shape financially, due in large part of the funds we earned as a result of the National Convention. The biggest joy has been meeting our members at chapter meetings, picnic and meetings with the Congressional Representatives.

Noreene mentioned changes that have been made at the Federation Level. We went from 5 districts to 4 due to member loss and cost. We made the Federation treasurer responsible for the duties of treasurer for the State Conventions. We will now be having bi-annual state conventions in hopes of attracting more members and save some money.

Noreene then recognized a number of past board members.

Susan Horn presented some awards, door prizes were drawn and the convention recessed for the day.


Noreene called the convention to order, followed by the invocation by Mary Lu Funyak and the pledge by Mary Lu.

Bob Nicely announced there were no changes in attendance and thanked everyone who worked on the convention.

Sally Watkins presented a membership update. We continue to lose members, 2,940 members in 2013 and 2,643 members in 2014 and we have 22 chapters. National is now below 250,000 members. She also congratulated District IV on an excellent convention.

Reports followed:

Secretary, no report

Treasurer’s report: Mike reported the Federation has a closing balance in the share and draft accounts of $39,501.12. He announced the chapter audits are due. His report will be filed for audit.

DVP District I - Tom Diaz was absent but sent in his report. He mentioned the Fall Roundup on October 20 was a success. Several chapters have decided to change from meeting monthly to meeting quarterly. His Spring Fling is coming up.

DVP District III - Mitch Garrett claims he walked out of the caucus for a minute, walked back in and was re-elected!

DVP District IV - Marlene Bunten thanked everyone for all their help throughout the years and advised it was time to elect a new DVP. Mary Lu Funyak was voted in by acclimation. Thanks Mary Lu.

DVP District V – Henry said his five chapters were well represented at the convention. He also introduced Linda Heaton as the new DVP for District V.

Old Business – None

New Business –

Paul Johnson said an organization with $30,000 plus should use some of these funds for recruitment initiatives. Paul would like the Federation to institute its own recruitment imitative. Some ideas were, offer free first year membership, offer $20.00 to the recruiter, and offer a retention bonus to the member if they re-up.   Paul made the motion with the three incentives mentioned above and it stated the board should consider these items going forward. It was seconded by Joe Horcher, discussion followed and the motion passed. President Morgan stated the board would take up the motion and see what incentives, if any, would be adopted by the board going forward. The board would communicate to all members the results of the motion and discussion.

Officers were installed by Bill Shackelford, Region X VP.

Respectfully submitted,

Jan Celella