NARFE - Kentucky Federation
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President Noreene Morgan led us in Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance


President’s report – She is feeling better after missing the national convention.


Michael VP – several meetings attended during the quarter.   He also served as gatekeeper for national convention. Mentioned District Roundup. On 20th Michael attended his chapter meeting.


Mike C. voted to approve minutes of last meeting, Marlene seconded.   All in favor.         


Michael C. distributed copies of the Treasurer’s Report.   He mentioned several details of the Report.   He asked if there were any questions. No one responded with questions. All in favor.

DVP reports:


Tom Diaz District I and Webmaster – Tom listed the chapters in his district and explained how they had been rearranged. A number of his chapters have changed from monthly to quarterly meetings. He also mentioned the NARFEKY website has been up five years now. There is plenty of room for more pictures, historical photographs. He urges everyone to visit the website.


Mitch Garrett – District III - Federation Convention went well, according to evaluation sheets passed out at the end of the convention. Mitch has been asked to give a brief summary of Susan Horn’s presentation on Blue Cross to Chapter 1610.  


Marlene – District IV - visited all her chapters, and mentioned the Fourth District picnic. Maysville has found a president but needs to replace Linda Polley as Secretary/Treasurer.


Henry,- #97 - Lexington had a picnic which was well attended. He also attended the National Convention. His chapter walked for Alzheimer’s Research.


Michael C. - is going to chapter meeting at Winchester later this month.


Membership - Sally – There are presently 289 members so far in the E-chapter


Anna – Alzheimer’s report - We are part of the Zenith Society - all of our money goes for 63 grants for research.


Narfe-PAC - No report.


Tom Miller - Federal Legislation – Cong Yarmuth supported us 100% -   others at a smaller (33% to 44%} amount. Yarmuth attended their meeting and was very kind and spent a lot of time with them. He acknowledged that he may not always vote the way we want, but assures us he will always listen to our comments as to how changes in the law will affect us.


Ken Rood – Is sorry he can’t attend the meeting as he is still having trouble with his leg and back. There isn’t much to report as the general assembly is fairly quiet.


Tom Diaz – 5 years website GEMS is on the blog now – can get it via e-mail. move our website over to National’s. Lots of room on website. .



******Noreene mentioned Nominating Committee needed for election.

Michael C. represented Noreene at the President’s meeting on Saturday. Since we had three people running for President, we had 17 booths, and it took forever. Had to do the same thing the following day, but that was better managed


Long discussion re voting and how it could be handled. Main topic was ‘why do we have to have a Resolutions Committee when all of the matters are brought up in the General Assembly?


Mike C said we need young people to recruit young people. Young people will listen.


Discussion ensued re NARFE in general and the FUTURE OF NARFE


Willie - discussed job of Parliamentarian at the convention


Mary Lu read 7- page report about the convention to her chapter


Michael C. explained process for choosing National hotel


Michael C. explained change in biennial instead of annual. Michael VP moved, Nathan seconded. Discussion ensued. Change approved.


Roland moved and Nathan seconded. Motion carried.


Marlene discussed next year’s convention and chance of a person from National. Second workshop would be on membership. long term care/Medicare, successful chapter meetings are other subjects. Bill Shackelford might come.


***********It was brought to our attention that, during the session, we did not vote on the proposal to amend the Constitution and By-Laws reflecting the change from annual to bi-annual, so our Federation Convention will be held in the year the National Convention is not held. Therefore, the Board was polled and the Board concurred.

Mike C. made the motion and Marlene seconded. All in favor