NARFE - Kentucky Federation
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President’s report - nothing to report


Vice President’s report – Spring Sprint, 5/17, attended Chapter #271 meeting Also attended June celebration with Bowling Green local retirement group


Motion made to accept Federation Convention minutes (Mike C.), seconded by Michael Mitchell.   All in favor.


Mike C. presented the Treasurer’s report – all Board members received a copy. June report has nothing of great significance – any questions ask Mike C. Everyone has a copy. He needs #1760’s audit report.


Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report by Marlene, – seconded by Anna. All in favor.



DVP’s reports:


District I - Tom Diaz – Fall Roundup will be October 20 at Miss Scarlett’s. NARFE website is active – 4700 views and an unknown amount of queries. Our NARFE history pages are filled with 100’s of photos, but we have plenty of room for more historical photographs, and pictures of award recipients.


District III – Mitch Garrett - Federation Convention went well – also the banquet. Everyone was pleased with the entertainment. Hospitality room especially received rave reviews.


District IV - Marlene – membership continues to be problem. Our district picnic will be held on September 20. Fall park trip will be held at Greenbo state park September 28 -October 1. Maysville President Emma Lou George has stepped down, so we will need a new one.


Henry Duncan, representing District V – talked to all chapter presidents, talked about FON. Picnic at park in Lexington.


Noreene gave highlights of membership report. Average loss was 25.8. Highest was 30% for Region 9. Region 10 has a 20% loss. Trying to go to Ft. Knox again this year. We are losing our clout by getting smaller. 3300 lost to death this year. Many organizations across the country are losing membership.







Anna Perkins – We had a small decrease in tickets for Alzheimer’s raffle from last year.    375 Alzheimer’s tickets were sold this year. There are currently more than five million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease, and that number is poised to grow to as many as 16 million by the year 2050.


PAC report – Alison Grimes has asked for $3000 , and she has received this amount.


PR position is open as Marj Fair is retiring.


Noreene read highlights of Mitch Garrett’s report – he has had contact with all chapters during the quarter, he is working on attending the Elizabethtown Chapter, has sent a summary of the evaluations from the convention, and announced that Marj Fair has sent a disc of the program to Marlene.




Noreene read highlights of Tom Miller’s National Legislative report – There are some 18 bills related to NARFE members, most of which are in committee at this time. Close to 20% of them relate to health benefits for Federal employees. The May issue of NARFE summarizes the issues in the cover story.


Noreene read the evaluations of the state convention.


Comments were made about having our state convention every other year (in the year there is no National Convention). Motion to change bylaws made by Mike Mitchell , seconded by Marlene. Motion carried.


Noreene suggested we try one more year to get nominations for the Hall of Fame and Distinguished Service awards.


Henry Duncan asked where we are on districts. Districts 1 3 4 5 have survived. How can we get Western KY involved?  


Marylu suggested asking the National Office to help us get into federal agencies. Roland ran two state conventions for a number of years. Roland suggests – live auctioneer – they made $300 on t shirts. Lady in OH made a quilt. Several other suggestions.


At the April, 2015 convention all officers’ positions will be open. We will not have to pay per capita tax this year.









Anna proposed that tickets for Alzheimer’s drawings be sold again.   Mike C. seconded. All in favor.


Book sale will be thought about.

Sally Watkins’ report mentioned a Ft. Knox visit with the purpose of recruiting retired and active employees – magazines, pamphlets, NARFE clips and other items were distributed.

Noreene discussed her meeting with our members who are attending the National Convention.


Noreene moved that we close the meeting. Mike C. seconded. All in favor.