NARFE - Kentucky Federation
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Attendees: Willie Little, Marj Fair, Michael Mitchell, Roland Hawn, Michael Cornelison, Sally Watkins, Mitch Garrett, Tom Diaz, Judy Fletcher, Anna Perkins, Bill Martin, Kenneth Overhults, Mary Lu Funyak, Noreene Morgan, Marlene Bunten, Omar Rodgers Sr., Nathan Henderson.

Meting opened with the prayer and pledge by Willie Little.

Reports Followed:

President – none

Vice President – none

Past President – none

Discussion followed on the need to approve the April Board minutes. Motion by Michael C. to approve the April minutes, seconded by Mitch. Any one opposed – no, minutes approved.

Discussion on the July minutes. Bill Martin was not listed as being at the meeting, correction will be made. Motion by Michael C. to approve, seconded by Tom Diaz, anyone opposed- no, minutes approved.

Treasurers Report:

Michael reviewed the third quarter Financial Report, any questions? No questions. DVP’s were asked to remind their chapter of the Per Capita Tax being due and please make checks out to NARFE Federation.

Michael will be the treasurer for the State Convention. All bills will come to him.

Proposed Budget for 2014 was discussed and a motion was made by Mitch to approve the 2014 budget and seconded by Michael M... All in favor, yes. Motion approved.


Rates and allowances for 2014 were discussed and only changes were on page two #7 to increase the allowances for the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer at the National convention. Motion made by Mitch and seconded by Michael M... All in favor, motion passed.

Region X VP, Bill Martin:

National is offering 6 months free membership to active employees. They can sign up on line or a paper form.

Membership is down, not sure what to do. We are losing 3,000 members each month nationwide. E-NARFE membership continues to increase.

DVP’S Reports: If anyone wants an in depth report of the DVP’s, contact the Secretary.

District 1, Tom Diaz has 7 chapters, with 287 members. He has a district blog and will put newsletters on line for any chapter. One of his chapters had a dinner and asked each member to bring an active employee, they signed up 5 new members. The Fall Round-Up is scheduled for Monday, October 21, 2013, at Miss Scarlett’s in Grand Rivers.

District 2, Omar visited chapters and also keeps in touch with his chapters via e-mail.   He discussed visiting our Representatives and checking on their dates for Town Meetings, Linda Cooper, chapter 1269 attended Representative Guthrie town meeting and had an opportunity to talk to him. Report to Noreene if you attend a Town Meeting.

District 3, Chapter 262 held a special meeting, they do not usually meet in the summer, and to host John Yarmuth, Representative, and meeting went well. Mitch is hosting the 2014 State Convention in Louisville. More on that later in the report.

District 4, Marlene visited chapters and a group also visited our local representative, Tom Massey. Massey spent about 45 minutes with the group and asked them to give him info on the chained CPI.

District 5, Kenneth said the meeting with Barr didn’t happen. He is researching the cost of putting an ad in the paper or a sticker on the front page about NARFE. Will share info after research completed. Kenneth sent letters to NARFE members within a 25-30 mile radius of Manchester inquiring of interest in establishing a chapter. No response except one returned as undeliverable. He visited two chapters who had representatives of Congressman Barr’s office speak.

Committee Reports: If anyone wants more in-depth reports contact the Secretary.

Membership, Sally reported we have 22 chapters with 2,985 members. They will be going to Ft. Knox and the Human Resources Health Benefits fairs.

State Legislation, Ken suggested we all check on the boundaries of the legislative districts.

Alzheimer’s, Anna stated donations are down. Bill Crase was the current winner of the $100.00.

Service Officer, Sam reported they assisted 5 people. Joyce Bennett will be replacing Betty Hundley, who resigned due to health reasons.

NARFE-PAC, Roland sent letters to all chapters requesting the name of their Pac person, only half responded.

Public Relations, Marj will be heading up the committee on Ad Solicitation and Preparation of the Program Booklet. Info will be sent out to DVP’s, chapter Presidents and National NARFE candidates within a month.

Webmaster, Tom said to check out his blog and he can also do a DVP Blog.

Parliamentarian, Willie said to check out the standing rules in the convention booklet. Question to Willie was concerning the approval of the Convention minutes. His response follows: In accordance with Roberts Rules of Order (Revised), the Federation Board is a body that may approve the minutes of an annual convention when authorized by the convention. This authority is usually delegated to the board/special committee by means of a standing rule of the convention or a resolution. This action would bring the board in compliance with Roberts Rules of Order.

Noreene reminded everyone NARFE is non-partisan and not political. Both parties MUST be invited to attend meetings. Whether or not they come is their choice.

Old Business:

The E-NARFE chapter was discussed. Vivian, Mike C. Judy, Sally and Nathan will be going to Ft. Knox. Clips and white cards will be available.

New Business:

Future of NARFE flip chart info from Bill S. follows,

- Have a COO (group 1 report) have an outside professional run NARFE.

- Do we need RVP’S; this would save $250,000.00 a year.

- Do we need Federations? Grass roots don’t appear to be working.

- Possibly National will do everything.

- What do chapters do? Possibly save benefits, advocacy and service our members.

Some discussion followed, Bill M, the E-chapter has a blog and doesn’t use it, Nathan, coalition partners not shared down, tried to get AFGE to work with us and it didn’t happen.

Any suggestions for the Future of NARFE committee forward to Committee or Joe B., National President.



State Convention of 2014:

Mitch reported the meetings have started and they are in the process of naming the chairs for various committees. Ten members were present representing all of his chapters, including all of the Chapter Presidents. Nathan will be the Co-Chair and Denise Bauer agreed to take minutes of their meetings. Dates for all convention meetings were set. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul will be invited to open the convention. They will have some brief exercise as that was a hit last year.

Suggestions for training sessions followed. Roland was asked to proof the Call Letter. He will be happy to do this.


Noreene discussed possibly going from 5 to 4 districts based on loss of members and chapters. This would affect districts 1, 2, and 3. Consider moving Bowling Green and Mammoth Cave to District 1. Also move e-town to District 3.

District 1 would have the most chapters maybe consider a DVP and an Asst. DVP.


Reminder the National Convention is August 24th – 28th in Orlando, Florida.

Mike commented that some F-7’s do not list meetings and dues amount and how often they meet. Pass on to Chapter Presidents.

Roland said money for PA C must be on a personnel check or a money order not a chapter check.

Meeting adjourned.

Prepared by Marlene Bunten, DVP 4