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9 a.m. Noreene opened the meeting


In attendance were: Noreene Morgan, Tom Diaz, Sally Watkins, Mike Cornelison,

Michael Mitchell, Marlene Bunten, Mitch Garrett, Ken Rood, Anna Perkins, Mary Lu Funyak, Willie E. Little, Nathan W. Henderson and Jan Celella. Omar Rogers joined the meeting later.


Invocation Nathan,     Pledge Noreene


Noreene welcomed Tom as DVP and Webmaster


President’s report – not much since convention in April. Trying to contact Senators McConnell and Paul as speakers for August or September. Chapter 262 is having a meeting with Yarmuth. Noreene is hoping to make a few more chapter meetings before the end of the year.   Noreene has been asked to be on the FUTURE OF NARFE committee.


Nathan – How do we stand with politicians? Noreene – no one yet is running against Yarmuth. We need to have Republican and Democrat candidates invited to speak to our chapter meetings..


Noreene – Kenneth Overhults has several minutes issues. Willie did research and we did the right thing according to the rules. Motion to approve minutes of convention by Mike and seconded by Nathan . All in favor. Motion to approve minutes of the Business Meeting by Marlene, seconded by Nathan. All in favor. Motion to approve Board minutes by Mary Lu; seconded by Mike. All in favor.


Treasurer’s report for 2nd quarter – Mike C. distributed copies to all in attendance. Opening totals in the Share and Draft accounts totaled $40,103.16. Closing totals of both accounts amounted to $44,525.89, for a profit of $4,422.73. Mike C. requested copies of all chapters’ 2012 audits. He is missing several.


Noreene says we didn’t budget enough money for regional and national conferences. Mike made a motion to add to our budget enough money to cover Region X conference. Seconded by Marlene..


Noreene asked us to think about helping some of the smaller chapters, especially regarding per capita. No action – just think about it.


Bill Martin – Noreene missed Presidents’ meeting due to illness He talked about per capita. We get $4 instead of $2.90 now. Membership decline is a problem. 250,000 total for the country. We have a good bit of money – could use money from treasury to help. with membership. Main topics – Legislation, Service, Membership and Leadership. Showed us sheets about the topics. Website is NARFERX.ORG. We have an outstanding Director of Membership, Bridget Bowle. Bill spoke at length about upcoming Region X conference, mentioning some of people who will speak. Conference will be Sept 10 – 13 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. He has been told that some NARFE members resent fund-raising items – calendars, note cards, etc., but this is a good way to help NARFE.   There are 165 KY e-NARFE members, some e-NARFE members come to meetings. Explained what the Future of NARFE committee should consider.

Mentioned 3568 life members removed from life list and 1060 from the honorary list.


Mike C. – we wouldn’t have the money we have in our treasury without having hosted the national convention.


Tom – Perhaps it would be good to have a board meeting to discuss the money.


Bill – NARFE has several ways of notifying members who haven’t renewed membership, both e-NARFE and regular chapters. There will be no more paper reports starting October first.


Noreene – chapters need to make sure someone in each chapter can get reports from their computer.


Bill – effective 10/1 chapter dues will be set at $40 same as e-NARFE. – renewal will be $40 plus chapter dues. At present we know that Paul Carew and Elaine Hughes are running for president, Ken Thomas vice president, Richard Thissen – treasurer and Helen Sajak – secretary


Dates of 2014 national convention -     August 24 – 27 Orlando Rosen Center


DVP Reports –


Tom Diaz – DVP I - He is impressed with the amount of community service his chapters accomplish. Tom visited 5 of the 7 chapters this quarter. Kentucky Lake and Marshall County are considering merging. Tom created a District I Vice President’s Blog to keep Chapter Officers informed of his activities. He submitted a comprehensive report of his visits to his chapters.


Omar Rogers – DVP II – Thanked NARFE members for kind words and prayers while he recovered from an illness. He forwards e-mails received from National Office to the Chapter Presidents. During his official visit to Chapter 271, he made a presentation on the worlds largest service organization, and encourages those present to meet with their Congressmen during the August recess.


Mitch Garrett – DVP III – discussed the convention. Chapter 1610 is having problems with location and time of the meeting – changing both frequently. Mitch will look into resolving that challenge.   Additionally, their Legislative person wants to resign – having trouble finding someone to take his place. Mitch attended several chapter meetings, including that of Chapter 262 where Barbara Gordon of KIPDA was the speaker. She provided information on many benefits available to senior citizens.


Marlene Bunten - Dist IV – Marlene has visited all four of her chapters during this quarter. Attendance is down, but perhaps summer is the reason. She has continued to advise chapters of the importance of contacting Congressmen and Senators, and requested all members to bring coupons to their August meeting for a project being spearheaded by National Office. Chapter 1760 has scheduled the Fall park trip – Carter Caves, September 29 through October 2, 2013 and the District IV picnic on September 21.


Kenneth Overhults - Dist V – Met with Capitol Chapter in June to install new officers. Reminded all of the importance of recruiting new members. Each Chapter President agreed to contact agency heads in their area to explore recruiting opportunities. Considering establishing a chapter in Manchester where there is a Federal prison and US Forest Service presence along with post office and other agencies. Plans in place for a rep from Cong. Barr’s office to attend the Boonesboro Chapter meeting and the Central Kentucky Chapter in August.


Thomas Miller – National Legislative Chair – Tom and Noreene attended the biennial conference in Arlington, Virginia where training sessions on Congressional meeting, Best Practices, Grassroots Advocacy, NARFE-PAC, budget issues and other pertinent issues.

Critical issues addressed in meeting with legislators included maintaining Federal employees pay, Health Benefits, ensuring job security for federal employees, and guaranteeing Medicare for current and future generations.


Sally Watkins – Membership Chair – KY NARFE membership decreased from 3206 in February 2013 to 3080 in June 2013. Of our 22 chapters, 2 had no changes, and 17 chapters had membership losses. NARFE members recruited at the Spring Information Expo at Soldier and Family Assistance Center in Ft. Knox.


Ken Rood – State Legislation – As the KY General Assembly is not in session, there is little to report. Only a few bills have been pre-filed for the 2014 session, however most do not seem to be of interest to the general public. The only one I note of general interest would be the one filed to reduce the legal DUI limit from .08 to .05 of alcohol concentration. Keep writing your state and federal representatives expressing your views.


Anna Perkins – Alzheimer’s Chair -  Thanks to each DVP and members for making this year’s fundraiser a success – we sold 342 tickets, an increase of 47 tickets over last year. Detecting Alzheimer’s early could change lives. Subtle changes in the way a person walks can be an early warning sign of cognitive decline and a signal for advanced testing. Individuals can access


Noreene – We will not participate in the Macy’s $5 program.



Tom Diaz - Webmaster – website has been up over 3 1/2 years, and the site has had over 3500 views and 6500 queries over the lifetime of the site. We post the NARFE Global Email Messaging System (GEMS) so our members without computers can view them at the local library. Our history pages are growing, but we have plenty of room for historical photographs, etc. Chapter Newsletters are published online at the website.


Willie E. Little – Parliamentarian – Did research on approving minutes of convention. Minutes may be approved by the board. Minutes of convention should not be held for a year.


Noreene – We could call Clayton to see what records he has.


Nathan – Clayton is doing o.k., Nelda is fair.


Noreene – Re membership summary – reinstatements 32% reinstatements in KY higher than any other in the region. Dues withholding – KY is at 30.1% - highest of region. .


Bill - re access to e-NARFE– decide on e-NARFE person to sign paper and send to National.




Noreene – should we keep the HOF and DS awards? Nathan – we should have DVPs explain awards to chapters.


Centralized state convention – signed contract for 2014 and 15 at Hurstbourne Holiday Inn Louisville. All details are taken care of - all guarantees, check-in/checkout process. We could negotiate having some sort of steak on the banquet menu. Floor plans set up, along with podiums and skirting. Dates are April 8, 9, 10, 2014. Dinner price is $36.


Final report of 2012 convention.


Omar –we need to do audit of books (Mike C will do)


Omar –Evaluation sheet comments - banquet food good, entertainment interesting , health theme good, site of convention convenient good, easy to meet other chapter members. Nice to have national person at the convention, liked SKYPE, Thiessen, Alzheimer’s presentation, short speeches, cookies, Tom’s caucus was in smoking room – not good.


Suggested improvements – Keep hospitality room open longer, rotate people at tables.

Silent auction could be improved.   DVPs should read their own deceased members’ names. Suggestions – like to see more info on Obamacare, survival of NARFE.


Final report – 14 out of 22 chapters present.   91 people present .


Omar suggests that the call letter be done differently – send topics and speaker list ahead of time. Need more advertising. Michael M. – some people didn’t get it in time to know what’s going on. Need info early – next quarterly meeting. Discussion. Nathan says the first meeting will be in September for next year’s convention. Draft agenda. Noreene we need to decide what type of training we are going to offer. Maybe some ideas from Region X meeting. Omar – national office should get people out to help us. DVPs should do training.


Noreene – re call letter - does every DVP have a list of e-mail addresses for chapter members? Omar - We could use GEMS system for a pre-call letter.


Michael C. – asked every chapter for email addresses – 55   saved a lot of money on newsletters.


Michael C – Every year we spend money at the convention for microphone for questions. Got email from Sam’s re hands -free mike, $149. Tom said these are junk and won’t last. Nathan moves purchase of microphone Mitch seconded. All in favor.


Nathan –Mike C will collect money and pay bills for the convention.


Mike C. Mitch and Noreene –will sit down and devise guidelines as to how we are going to do this. Vouchers for convention will be on green paper.


Bill will give list to Noreene re eNARFE – Nathan moved we make use of the list. Mike C. seconded, all in favor.


Several chapters are working on August meeting with congressmen.  


Noreene – what can we do to save NARFE.   Here are some ideas:


More public relations                                                              Free spousal membership       

Establish relationships with post office organizations            Supporting member

Fresh look at vision                                                                 Regional face book pages

Fed focus on rebuilding chapters                                            Family memberships



We should think about what we would like to do to save NARFE.

Bill – at Region X event – Facilitators will address subjects such as fund raising, dealing with troubled chapters, e-NARFE, future of NARFE


Winner of the monthly drawing – Nelda Derrick


There being no further business, Noreene closed the meeting.



Respectfully submitted,   Jan Celella