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Candidate Statements
Candidate Statements



NARFE members who announced their candidacy as of the deadline of this edition have submitted the following statements for publication in narfe magazine. NARFE will offer members the opportunity to vote online or by mail via a ballot which will be included in the June issue of the magazine, with instructions for print or online voting. 


National President
Jon Dowie

After two terms as your National Secretary/Treasurer, please consider me a candidate for President. My National experience is current and relevant.
We all are experiencing the Renaissance of NARFE as we continue to move in a new direction. We are all in this together; anxious to move forward, but being patient to examine our options.
The “Washington” environment is sometimes chaotic, but we have to continue to think strategically and act tactically. Having chaired the Strategic Planning Committee for two terms, I had the opportunity to work with a cross section of NARFE members and explore alternative views of our future.
The first strategic plan provided the basis for both “One Member One Vote” and “Optional Chapter Membership.” A chapter member myself, as we transition to a more agile organization, I will continue to provide support of chapters.
As your representative on the Employee Thrift Advisory Counsel, we have insured that TSP call centers were not reduced in size or number and that more flexible withdrawal options for participants will be made available in the future.
I supported new ideas, such as the Federal Benefits Institute and webinars, which with the creative abilities of our staff grew from experiment to success. More than 20,000 members have accessed our library of past webinars. This is a model of things to come. Our award winning magazine continues to improve while maintaining the communication backbone of the organization. Our digital footprint continues to grow through various channels as we attract new members and interest.
Earned benefits protection is never out of my thoughts. My mother worked the night shift in a large metropolitan post office and my wife was in the Pentagon on “9/11” which are constant reminders of the sacrifices many of you have made and continue to make.
NARFE’s financial future continued to improve during my term, compared to millions of dollars of losses in prior terms.
My Pentagon background in maintaining Congressional relationships is something that will be valuable to NARFE. As a former Chief Financial Officer for a publicly traded international firm and several privately owned firms, I have insight into complicated negotiations. Serving on the faculty of Clemson University and serving as the Technical Director of the National CPA Group provided me a unique prospective.
I know how to listen and take appropriate action: together we can “secure the future” of NARFE. I would appreciate your vote.
National President

Steve Lenkart

These are extraordinary times. In the years to come, active and retired federal and postal employees will face many challenges to the financial security and health care benefits that we enjoy today. Within the last year alone, budget discussions between the White House and Congress proposed cutting at least $149 billion from federal retirement over the next 10 years.
This massive cut proposes to eliminate the FERS annuity supplement, employ ‘high five’ instead of high three salary years for retirement calculations, and increase contributions by 1% for each of the next six years. Earned benefits for current retirees take an enormous hit because the proposed budget would eliminate cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) for FERS retirees and significantly reduce COLA for CSRS retirees. It is estimated that under this scenario, federal pensions may lose between 33 percent to 60 percent of value in 20 years, meaning each $100 in pension dollars today would be worth $67 to $40.
Luckily, NARFE has a second-to-none legislative department that fought off these unbearable cuts proposed in the FY 2018 budget. However, greater challenges await as the FY 2019 budget proposal may double the cuts to $300 billion. It is safe to assume that in the years to follow, this trend will continue. These appalling attempts to erode the wellness of the civil service and the financial security of active and retired employees inspired me to run for national president.
For the last 30 years, I have supported and defended civil service as the cornerstone of a modern democracy. My expertise centers around policies that sustain a strong, apolitical workforce buttressed by sensible pay and benefits that attract the very best talent. As a career SES and as the former executive director of the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board, I embraced policies to better govern and promote successful careers for two million federal employees.
In private practice as a professional advocate and spokesperson, I took the fight for pay and benefits from the sidelines to the spotlight in the eyes of the public, the press, Congress, and several presidential administrations. As an executive for federal labor, executive, and professional associations, I expanded organizational reach to younger generations to solidify national presence and prominence.
If elected, I will bring the entirety of my strength, energy, reputation, and institutional knowledge to NARFE as national president. I look forward to meeting and talking with you in the coming months. 
National President

Ken Thomas

NARFE recently released the Strategic Plan - Secure the Future document. 
Like many of you, I read the document and listened to comments and explanations concerning recommended changes. Some changes I agree with and some I don’t.
What I do believe is drastic changes are needed if NARFE is to survive in the twenty-first century and be a viable association. NARFE continues a course of decline and is slow to confront challenges of the future.
NARFE’s challenges include: structurally remaining unchanged since 1947; unprecedented membership collapse (loss of 250,000 members since the late 80s, over 98,000 in the last seven years); insufficient revenue to maintain the association by over-reliance on dues revenue; and lack of focus on the core legislative mission.
Solving NARFE’s challenges require structural change, rebranding to revitalize it, and a message that aggressively and effectively markets it to a new generation of federal employees who are the future of NARFE. In so doing, NARFE cannot ignore or dismiss its loyal and faithful members who have long supported and held the association together.
It is time for change and not business as usual. NARFE cannot afford weak promises, low expectations, and unattainable goals.
I am now a candidate for NARFE National President. My government experience, including working on Capitol Hill, thirty-five years in departmental management and executive level service, and my years of NARFE experience as a chapter, district, and federation officer will serve the association’s membership well.
NARFE needs a practical leader providing strategic direction with a strong focus on advocacy. The president must be a key power broker at Capitol Hill meetings, playing the dual role of a valued expert helping design coverage and changes in legislation, and a straight-talking advocate who can summarize complex reforms in layman's terms.
As NARFE’s president, my priorities must be building the business of NARFE, creating efficiencies, making tough deals and carefully considering divergent viewpoints. The time has come for real-world solutions to the array of challenges NARFE faces.
I am . . . 
Committed to listening to your comments and suggestions. 
Committed to setting strategic direction, and initiating projects focusing on membership recruiting and retention. 
Committed to association restructuring. 
Committed to using technology to enhance association growth. 
Committed to marketing and advertising NARFE. 
I respectfully ask for your vote and support by electing me your next NARFE National President.
National President

Theodore A. (Ted) Van Hintum

I am Ted Van Hintum and I am announcing my candidacy for NARFE National President.
I joined NARFE as an active federal employee in 2006. After retirement from the federal government, I was elected President of the Colorado Billie Love Chapter 2286 in 2011. In 2013, I was elected President of the Colorado Federation of NARFE chapters representing over 4,400 Colorado NARFE members in 17 chapters. I was reelected Colorado Federation President in 2015. I continue to serve as Chapter 2286 President and as Colorado Federation Immediate Past President. I am a Life Member of NARFE.
My accomplishments as Colorado Federation President included: 
Launching the “Colorado NARFE News”, a quarterly newspaper delivered to all NARFE members in Colorado and the Federation Presidents; 
Creating the congressional district liaison program in Colorado and appointing 10 congressional liaisons to serve in Colorado’s 7 congressional districts; 
Revising Colorado Federation bylaws to implement Optional Chapter Membership and One Member One Vote (distributed to all Federation Presidents as model bylaws); 
Serving as the Region VII representative on the NARFE Strategic Planning Committee in 2015 and 2017; and, 
Serving on the NARFE National Bylaws Committee in 2016 (also in 2018). 
I retired from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in 2008 after almost 38 years of federal service. My career started as a VA claims examiner in the Des Moines, Iowa VA Regional Office in 1970. I then transferred to VA headquarters in Washington, DC. My last position was as Assistant Director in VA’s Education Service where I was responsible for VA field operations in administering the GI Bill education benefits program. The GI Bill provided over $1 billion annually to 500,000 veterans and active duty service members.
During my VA career, I was an American Political Science Association Congressional Fellow and, on detail from the VA, served as a staff member on the House of Representatives Veterans Affairs Committee. I completed VA’s executive development program and the OPM Senior Executive Development program at the Federal Executive Institute.
Prior to VA employment, I served in the Navy from 1963 to 1966 as an Electronics Technician aboard the cruiser USS Topeka with service in the Vietnam theater of operations. Upon release from active duty I attended Iowa State University and graduated in 1970 with a degree in Political Science.
I respectfully ask NARFE members to vote for me as NARFE National President.

National Secretary/Treasurer
Kathryn Hensley

A member of NARFE for over 25 years and proudly serving at chapter and federation levels, I want to serve you, the NARFE member, as national Secretary-Treasurer. We need fresh, new thinking in NARFE that comes from recent experience gained at the local levels. Below is some of my NARFE experience:
NARFE Chapters: 
McLean, VA - newsletter editor, membership committee 
Columbia, SC – legislative committee, 1st vice president (membership), 2nd vice president (programs), president (twice), parliamentarian, newsletter editor, treasurer, federation and national convention delegate, nominating committee, and bylaws committee 
NARFE SC Federation: 
DFO for 2nd district 
2nd vice president - 3 years 
President - 2 1/2 years 
Recognizing that our federation guidelines were out of date, requested each Executive Board member review and update their duties in the guidelines to conform to an electronic environment and our bylaws 
Three federation Bylaws Committee revisions 
Several federation convention planning committees 
Currently in third year as federation treasurer ending in March 
Immediate past president of the SC Federation 
NARFE National: 
Attended three Legislative Conferences 
Attended two National Conventions 
Attended three Federation President meetings 
Appointed by current president to national Bylaws Committee 
I bring a lifetime of professional experience in administrative, financial, strategic planning, technology upgrades, legislative review and justification, grant administration, and program management positions with the federal government and in conservation and grant administration with state government and Medical University of SC, as well as many years of work in the local community. I have been an executive director or an officer and board member of a number of local, regional and national non-profit organizations. I have served as treasurer of several non-profit organizations, from a few thousand dollars to multi-million dollar accounts. My federal career covered a 27 year span in the Defense Department and NOAA in Washington, DC. I served in state government, primarily in financial positions, for another eight years in South Carolina. In 2018, I’m ending third term as non-partisan elected Commissioner of the Lexington, SC, Soil and Water Conservation District.
I attended George Washington University, University of Maryland, American University and received a BA in Political Science from the University of South Carolina in 1975, earned a Certificate in Ocean Policy Studies from the University of Virginia and have completed management, financial, and technology courses at Defense and Agriculture Departments and Midlands Technical College.
I respectfully ask for your support and your vote.
NARFE National Secretary/Treasurer.
Richard G. Thissen

I am announcing my candidacy for NARFE National Secretary/Treasurer. I believe my experience on the National Executive Board as a Regional Vice President, as your National Treasurer and as your National President gives me unique expertise and experience to serve in this capacity to assist the new President and the Executive Director in continuing to move our great organization forward and ensure its survival for the next 100 years.
As your Treasurer we put methods in place that turned around the financial situation from one that the auditors identified as fiscally unsustainable to an organization that has regular asset growth. During my tenure as National President, we implemented the change from four resident officers to two and created a Marketing Department that is succeeding in reducing our membership losses (more than 50% since 2014). The Marketing Department also created the Federal Benefit’s Institute which has our ability to provide information to our members and prospective members; NARFE’s webinars are becoming the standard for others to strive for.
We have had remarkable success in defending the federal community’s benefits in spite of continued attacks. NARFE PAC contributions are up significantly, another sign of a vibrant organization. We supported changes to the TSP procedures to make the withdrawal process better and this has recently been signed into law. We also supported the Department of Labor Rule which insures that financial advisors must put the client’s interest first.
Historic changes to NARFE have also occurred; Optional Chapter Membership and One Member-One Vote were enacted as a result of the Strategic Planning Process. These changes have made membership in NARFE more attractive to prospects; the number of new members recruited has increased significantly in 2017.
I am committed to insure that NARFE continues to provide information and services to the entire Federal community; there are other fine organizations that represent segments, but NARFE is the only one that has a mission to support all federal employees and retirees.
I commit to you I will provide the same dedicated service as I have as a NARFE Officer for the past 21 years serving at the Chapter, Federation, Region and National levels.
I ask for your vote and support.

Region II
Kathy Adams


I am seeking the position of Region II Vice President. I joined NARFE in 2000 upon retiring from Dover Air Force Base as the Wing/Base Budget Officer. After serving as Treasurer and First Vice President for my Chapter in Dover I was President for eight years. I then became Delaware’s Federation President and am in my second term in that position. In my tenure we have developed good dialog with our Members of Congress and state representatives. We provided strong support to our members and are seen in Delaware communities as a caring and focused group speaking up for the Federal worker and seniors.
I am encouraged we are making membership progress as lower percentages of members leave NARFE compared to past years. I feel there are many things we can do to help increase membership and bring in more funding. I am eager for NARFE to give members the very best service and information about their pay, pension and benefits. I will continue to work hard and creatively for these goals. I pledge to see us prosper with my long and varied experience and the knowledge and insights I gained backing up my commitment to move our Association forward strategically.
I consider myself a good listener and take every concern seriously. If I do not know the answer to your question I will do the research needed and get back in touch with you. I am an honest leader and look forward to working with members of Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Over the past several years as a part of Region II’s leadership team I have worked cooperatively and successfully on our shared priorities and joint Region-wide events. With so many recent changes across NARFE I will work diligently with everyone in Region II to help all of us understand what we need to do to strengthen our organization. On the National Executive Board, I will make Big Picture strategic decisions to benefit all in NARFE and move us forward.
Many active employees and retirees do not understand why NARFE exists, the good it can do and how each of them can help. We need to educate them and get the word out there!
I respectfully ask for your vote and support to elect me as Region II Vice President. I will do my very best not to disappoint you.

Region III
Clarence Robinson

I am announcing my intent to run for re-election as NARFE Region 3 Vice President for the period of November 1, 2018-October 31, 2020. Region 3 encompasses Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, and the Virgin Islands.
I completed the first year of my two year term in October. Some of the highlights of my first year were:
I attended five National Executive Board (NEB) meetings in Washington, DC, the Joint NEB/Federation President’s meeting in Jacksonville, Florida, and the Legislative Conference in Washington, DC.
I attended five Federation meetings in Region 3. (Visits to Puerto Rico / Virgin Islands were cancelled due to hurricane damage.) I also visited several Chapters in Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi. I have scheduled Chapter visits in 2018 for Alabama, South Carolina, and Puerto Rico/ Virgin Islands.
I am the NEB Representative on the NARFE Investment and Budget Committee.
As a member of the NEB, I participated in the planning and decision making process for various aspects of NARFE such as:
A. Hired an Executive Director to run the day to day operations at NARFE Headquarters
B. Hired legal counsel and a Certified Parliamentarian
C. Established seven Standing Advisory Committees of NARFE members for operational input
D. Established and approved a long range Operating Plan for NARFE
E. Currently updating all NARFE Policy manuals and Handbooks
I am your liaison to NARFE Headquarters, keeping the lines of communication open from the Regional level to the Federations and the Chapters. As we move forward to make NARFE “ the organization of choice”, I will continue to be open and listen to your concerns, be adaptable to change and make the difficult decisions. Change will allow NARFE to grow and remain viable and solvent while serving our membership and protecting their rights and benefits.
I remain committed and dedicated to making NARFE the best organization possible. Thank you for trusting in me and allowing me to represent you on the National level as the Region 3 Vice President.
I am respectfully asking for your vote and support to continue to represent you for the next two years.

Region IV
Robert L. Helfrich

The National Active and Retired Employees association (NARFE) needs some fresh leadership and I pledge to help take NARFE in a direction that will ensure the success of the organization. Naturally the organization will need new members as well as increased advertising and sponsorships to succeed. The organization is less than half the size it was in 1985, although in the past ten years we have seen the biggest reduction in membership in the organizations history, most of which have come from deaths and non-renewals in the very elderly ranks. Younger retirees do not appear to be joiners of organizations, so we need to make the organization more attractive. We need action to make the organization relevant to those who are near retirement age through a robust website of information on retirement and to get them looking at the website we need to blast social media with our advertising of NARFE. Most people today use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify, Sirius, Netflix, Pandora, etc., these are the places to advertise NARFE.
Below are the NARFE positions of experience that I have held:
Indiana Federation President (1 Year), Indiana Federation Treasurer (6 years), Chapter President (7 years), Chapter Vice-President (1 year), Chapter Treasurer (4 years), Chapter Secretary (3 years).
One of the most successful legislative campaigns I participated in, was when our federation spent six years working tirelessly with Indiana legislators to get tax fairness for CSRS retirees in Indiana. In 2015 we won a $16,000 deduction for CSRS retirees, which at the time, was equivalent to the average deduction for Social Security recipients in Indiana.
During my thirty-three (32) year Postal career I held the following leadership positions:
Indiana District Manager of Finance (6 years), Indiana District Manager of Budget and Financial Analysis (17 years). As a high energy and involved individual I was awarded more than twenty (20) exceptional performance awards.
Private Sector experience:
Have a successful accounting business of over forty (40) years, including payroll services, incorporation services and tax preparation for corporations, partnerships, non-profit organizations and individuals. Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, QuickBooks and ATX.
In addition, I am the treasurer for six (6) non-profit organizations including my church and maintain these accounting records via QuickBooks.
I would appreciate your support and vote as my goal is to lead NARFE to reach a different generation.
Donald F. Wiese

My name is Donald F. Wiese and I’m respectfully declaring my candidacy for the position of Regional Vice President in Region IV. I will give you a brief “bio” of my Federal Service as well as my “career” within NARFE.
My time with the Federal Government was spent as a Federal Fire Fighter working for the Space Agency: NASA. I served 23 years with NASA having retired in 1997 with a total of 27 ½ years of government service.
My career with NARFE entails being a member for 20 years, having been a Life Member since 2002. I have served nearly every position at the chapter level, including 11 consecutive years as the President for Chapter 470 Cleveland/West (Ohio). On the “State Level”, I have been a VP for State Legislation and currently serving my 2nd (and final, because of term limits) 2-year term as the Ohio Federation President. For the past 7 National Conventions, I have been assigned as the Chief Sargent-at-Arms. Although it’s a “part-time” position, it feels more like a full-time job!
My extensive knowledge, service assignments, and vast history with NARFE will serve me well in the position of Region IV VP. My goals as a member of the National Executive Board (NEB) will be to Honestly & Fairly represent the 5 States in Region IV. I promise to “balance” the concerns of the over 16,000 loyal NARFE members in the region with those of the members within ALL of NARFE. I will proudly serve NARFE, not only respecting the traditions of our GREAT Organization while keeping an “eye” at our future. I promise to work tirelessly fighting to “maintain” our EARNED BENEFITS. NARFE has been representing its members for 96 years, and by ANY standards that’s quite an accomplishment. I desire to continue this most important service to our over 209,000 members!
For NARFE to continue being the successful organization it has been for nearly 100 years, it MUST balance the needs of its loyal members with fair and equal policies. NARFE must continue to: “Sell Its Brand”…..”Offer the members something no other group does”……and above all “Be There when the members need them”! To that end, I respectfully and humbly ask for the support of those 16,000 voting members in Region IV by casting their ballot vote for Donald F. Wiese for Region IV Vice President. 
Region V
Cindy Renee' Blyth

I am announcing my candidacy for the position of NARFE Region V Vice-President at the 2018 National Conference in Jacksonville, Florida. I joined NARFE October 2003 as an Active Federal Employee (AFE); was elected Osage City Chapter #2099 President March 2004 and continue to hold that position. I was elected Kansas Federation President in March 2011 when Carol Ek was chosen to replace Richard G. Thissen as Region V Vice-President. I have the pleasure of being the second generation of a three generation NARFE family.
During my association with NARFE, I have participated at several levels of leadership: serving on the National Bylaws and Resolutions Committee during the 2014 and 2016 National Convention; actively participating in the Federation President’s Meetings since 2011, Legislative Training Conferences and the College of NARFE Knowledge; and served as a focus group member for the Future of NARFE (FON) Committee.
Shortly our organization will celebrate 100 years of service to our members. We have had to change, adapt, and evolve to keep members involved and interested. The Strategic Plan provides the building blocks for a number of initiatives designed to move the organization forward. I want to see NARFE continue to thrive so that the younger AFEs’ will have a strong voice in the management of their earned benefits. This will only be accomplished by successfully branding the mission of our organization to them. We can’t get them involved if we don’t reach them with the importance of our purpose. In the meantime, we must continue to act in their best interest so they may share in and enjoy the benefits that those before them have worked so hard to establish and maintain. Legislative advocacy requires direct membership involvement to keep the lines of effective communication open between Congress and NARFE. The better informed Congress is regarding federal employee issues the more support we earn.
Qualifications: Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Baker University, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, 35+year Federal career, the last 30 years with the US Coast Guard. I retired December 31, 2017 as a Management and Program Analyst; specifically I advised senior management in strategic planning, business process performance improvements and performance metrics.
I ask that the members of Region V allow me the opportunity to continue to utilize the experience I have gained serving in leadership roles and continue my service to NARFE and its members.
John Schmidt

John Schmidt, a candidate with many qualities, willing to serve NARFE as Region V Vice President.
LEADERSHIP. A retired Navy Officer with 26 years of practicing leadership being the Commanding Officer of several units with members of a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences, talents, and abilities. As an employee with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), was a member of the six state Midwest Leadership Development Team. This included developing skills to work with members of Congress and their staffs. 
COMMUNITY SERVICE positions with Leadership include Parish Council President, Kiwanis President, Boy Scout District Chair, American Legion Post Commander, and VFW life member among many others. In NARFE, served as Minnesota Federation President for six years and a Chapter President. For eight years have been a Volunteer Tax Counselor (one member of a group that completes 1300 to 1400 returns each year) that assists taxpayers in completing tax returns.
EXPERIENCE. An employee of the U.S. Department of Agriculture for 40 years gives me a perspective of Federal employment. Most of those years were as a District Conservationist with NRCS in charge of federal conservation activities in a county. Seven of those years were as a Conservation Coordinator responsible for activities in seven counties in Northwest Minnesota.
DEDICATED to our country, the United States, and what it stands for. It is dedication to the principals we have fought for and live for. It is dedication to my family with my spouse, Meg, of 47 years. We are proud parents of three children and six grandchildren. Dedication includes the belief that together we can work for a better future not only for our families, for federal employees and retirees, and for all those who call our country home.
WHO AM I. Several years ago I put the following statement in writing as to who I am and what I stand for. "I am an American Christian in the Catholic Tradition. As a Navy Officer I will fight for your right to worship God in a manner of your choosing as long as it does not interfere with the rights of another human being."
RECOGNIZED several years ago as a Jaycee Senator for years of dedicated service and accomplishment. The Boy Scouts recognized me with a District Award of Merit and as a Silver Beaver. Various plaques and certificates have been received.

Region VI
Marshall L. Richards

It is an honor and a privilege to serve you, the members of Region VI as your Regional Vice President. I am taking this opportunity to announce that I am a candidate for reelection as your Region VI Vice President. My 20 plus years of NARFE experience includes Chapter Officer, National Legislative Committee Member, Federation President of the Texas Federation and member of the National Executive Board.
The experience that I have gained in the last three and one-half years while serving as a member of the National Executive Board will be extremely valuable when the new board begins their term on November 1, 2018. A new National President will be elected and possibly a new National Secretary/Treasurer and several new Regional Vice Presidents. Experience matters as NARFE moves forward.
Our association will continue to undergo changes in the near and distant future to ensure that NARFE continues to be the voice of the Federal Community and the respected advocate for Federal Employees and Retirees on the Hill. My experience on the board will be important as decisions are made for the successful implementation of changes that will be beneficial to NARFE and its members,
As your Region VI Vice President, I will continue to work with all members of the Region and will continue to be your voice on the National Executive Board. I will continue to be open while serving you, the members of Region VI. I humbly ask that you give me the opportunity to continue to serve NARFE and the members of Region VI as your Vice President for the term beginning November 1, 2018. Your vote and support are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Region VII
Rodney L. Adelman

My name is Rodney Adelman, and I ask for your vote for another term as your Region VII Vice President. 
Most of you are already familiar with my career bio and NARFE experience. Briefly, I am currently completing my second term as your Region VII Vice President. I previously held a variety of Federation and Chapter offices, including Arizona Federation President and Chapter 1789 President. I also served on the National Bylaws Committee, National Legislative Committee, and the Future of NARFE Committee. My 36-year Federal career focused on financial management, Congressional relations, and administration. I have served on Boards of Directors of other nonprofit organizations, including a local volunteer fire department, several home owners’ associations, and a regional trade organization. I understand effective legislative advocacy, having worked on both sides of Capitol Hill and having testified several times before Congressional Committees.
Why do I feel I am the best candidate for Region VII Vice President? At the 2014 National Convention, I strongly supported the resolution directing the NEB to take actions and to begin strategic planning toward implementation of the FON Committee “vision” and recommendations, or something similar. That support continued with the significant governance changes adopted at the 2016 National Convention and with the NEB adoption of successive Strategic Plans. I continue to support changes in NARFE that move us forward, while not hesitating to stand up against those proposals that I believe are not in the best interests of NARFE.
My commitment to you is to work for a better NARFE. I hope to continue to earn your support and your vote as your representative on the National Executive Board. Thank you.

Region VIII
Helen L. Zajac

I am once again seeking re-election to the office of Region VIII Vice President representing California, Hawaii, Nevada, Republic of the Philippines, and Guam. I have served in this position since being elected in 2008 at the Louisville, Kentucky National Convention. I am a Distinguished Member, joining NARFE in 1992 while still employed at the former Mare Island Naval Shipyard.
I am willing to continue my service and dedication to our association. During my tenure with NARFE, I have seen many changes in NARFE overall, many for the good of the association, and was honored to have served on the selection committee for our newly hired Executive Director. I have seen many innovations from our Executive Director, and she brings a new level of business professionalism to our association.
I support the improvements submitted by the Strategic Planning Committee and look forward to the positive changes that will be made due to the Committee’s efforts. Change is what we need to grow our association into a more recognized leader that we know we can become; not only with our advocacy actions, but also with our benefits assistance. Change is difficult, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but through a slow, steady process. Once you begin the process of change, and potential members notice the change, there is no doubt that they will join with us for an even greater organization than we could have imagined. With new enthusiasm, ideas, and even new leadership, there is no limit to what we together can achieve. However, we must be open to that change. We need to look forward to what change can bring and the name recognition that can be brought to our association. 
I have worked well with the Federation Executive Boards in bringing their concerns to National Headquarters, or the National Executive Board. I take pride in working with members to resolve their concerns with membership and federal benefits. I am willing to continue to develop those relationships with Federations and members; and believe that they will pass those positive relationships forward to other members. The more our members know about NARFE and our accomplishments, the more value that will be shown, not only to our members, but to potential members. I am excited about these changes which are being implemented at NARFE Headquarters, and I look forward to continuing my service on the National Executive Board.

Region IX
Richard Wilson

It is my intention to seek re-election to the position of Region IX Vice President when the vote is taken early next year.
I joined NARFE in December 2004. In April 2005, I became 2nd Vice President of Chapter 1404. In September 2006, I became President of Chapter 1404. In March 2007, I was elected to the Washington Federation District II Vice President position. In May 2010, I was elected to Washington Federation Vice President. In July 2013, upon the death of the then Washington Federation President, I became Federation President. I was elected as Region IX Vice President at the 2016 National Convention in Reno, Nevada. In 2011, I served on the National Recruitment and Retention Task Force. I have served NARFE in leadership roles since 2006.
During my time as your Region IX Vice President, I have hosted the 2017 Region IX Training Conference, held in June at Kennewick, Washington. I have served on the National Strategic Planning Team and with the Strategic Planning Committee to develop a plan of action NARFE will take in the next few years. I also attended the Idaho and Oregon Federation Conventions earlier in 2017. I’ve have attended Washington Federation Executive Board meetings in person and the latest Oregon Federation Executive Board meeting via GoTo Meeting. Lastly, I attended and participated in the National Federation President’s meeting held July 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida. I’ve worked closely with the five Federation Presidents, keeping them current on NARFE issues as they have me on the happenings in their Federations.
I am encouraged by the latest reports which show we are making some good progress in recruiting active federal employees. Much more needs to be done in this area. We must develop more strategies for getting our name out to all federal workers and retirees so they know NARFE is the only association devoted exclusively to serving and protecting the earned rights and benefits of all federal retirees, survivor annuitants and active federal employees. In addition to recruiting, my efforts will continue to work on retaining our current members. I pledge to work with Chapters and Federations to find ways to better address how to keep the members we have.
I hope you will vote to give me the opportunity to continue to serve you as your Region IX Vice President for the next two years. Thank you for your support these past two years.

Region X

William “Bill” Shackelford

Since November 2014, I have been privileged to hold the position of Region X Vice President (RVP). Serving NARFE members in our Region from Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia has been a real honor. Region X has many members and an equal number of diverse opinions. However, its needs and those across all of NARFE are identical.
At the time of the 2014 National Convention in Orlando, NARFE was on a course of decline that needed to be curtailed. Since the convention, recommendations by the Future of NARFE (FON) Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee coupled with the endorsement of a portion of these changes by the National Executive Board (NEB) signals the most dramatic organizational change in NARFE’s history. I remain a supporter of the recommendations of the FON Committee and vision of the NARFE Strategic Plan. I believe that the actions of these committees and the NEB exhibit the intent to make changes as NARFE heads towards its centennial year in 2021. We all share the same vision to see NARFE prosper for another century.
It is impossible to lead and serve with deaf ears. NARFE members from Region X require someone who will listen and address their concerns. I will continue to be their voice on the NEB and be open and available while serving you. In order to remain a viable advocacy organization, we have many challenges ahead of us but on all levels of the organization we can exercise appropriate advancements to make NARFE stronger. We must all work together to address the challenges that OUR organization faces. I’ve made a concerted effort to keep Region X members informed. Through the five Federation Presidents and Executive Boards, I’ve provided summaries of NEB meetings and the status of strategic planning. 
I am proud of NARFE and believe that our members have the potential to make a difference in the overall growth and success of NARFE. I appreciate all members of Region X and all that they have done for NARFE over the years. Thank you for your continued membership and support of NARFE. We are all in this effort together so let’s move forward before it is too late.
I ask that you give me the opportunity to continue to serve NARFE and the Region X members as your RVP for the next two years.
Charles Talley

Charles Talley of Charlotte, North Carolina, was elected to President of Charlotte Chapter 105 in December 2016. Charles was appointed National Legislative Officer to the North Carolina Federation Board in May 2015. 
Talley has extensive NARFE experience, having served in leadership positions with NARFE’s North Carolina Federation, Chapter 105 vice president, AARP’s National Volunteer Engagement Advisory Council, National Driver Safety Committee, National Coordinator for WorkSearch and Tree Master for TreesCharlotte.
Talley has a Bachelor of Science Degree. He worked for 35+ years with the United States Postal Service in New Jersey, Michigan, Connecticut, New York, Virginia and the District of Columbia in Communications, Marketing and Sales developing and implementing strategies (such as vote by mail which allows citizens to comfortably and privately at home). 
Vote by Mail gives every registered voter a fair and equal opportunity to choose the candidate that is worthy of the vote. It is a worthy strategy to mobilize communities across the country, that NARFE should consider. This mobilization would create visibility for NARFE and support from the public to assist in furthering NARFE’s mission of enhancing and protecting the federal community benefits. It would improve the federal community image in the public arena and garner the necessary support NARFE need to remain sustainable. 
Talley was honored with AARP’s most prestigious volunteer award recognizing AARP Volunteers who have made a difference in their communities in ways that support AARP’s mission, vision and strategic direction and that inspire others to volunteer.
Talley was one of the twelve founding members of the WorkSearch Program, a Virtual Job Coach initiative and assisted in establishing WorkSearch Program sites across the country. 
Talley provided outstanding representation of the AARP Foundation and the AARP DC State Office including presenting on AARP RFD-TV, at national conferences and at five AARP Life@50 events. 
Talley wants to assist NARFE in mobilizing its membership and communities to enhance and protect benefits for all people; which is the reason he is running for Region X Vice President.