NARFE - District Of Columbia Federation
Region II's Training Academy in York (PA) June 11th & 12th

ALL members of NARFE in DC are invited to attend Region II's Training Academy June 11th and 12th in York, PA.  You will be able to learn how NARFE functions both externally (eg. on Capitol Hill) and internally (in our Alexandria HQs and in our DC Federation).  The Academy will be taught by leaders in Region II (DC, MD, DE, PA, and NJ).  As a plus, candidates for the national offices have been invited to attend.


Welcome to our page

Federation President

DC Federation President 2017-2019

Randolph Clarke -- (202) 387-7936 --

The District of Columbia Federation is now a federation of NARFE members residing in DC or members of DC chapters.  In 2017 the DC Federation Convention unanimously approved New Bylaws.  For detailed information click of link TBA.

Our elected officers are -

Randolph Clarke - President

Sylvia Slaughter - Vice President

John Wheeler - Treasurer

Ray Oman - Secretary


Your Federation and chapter information will be updated monthly

Thanks for viewing our web page. Please join one of our chapters' meetings.

All DC Chapters take a summer break  starting with June, July, and August


Tax Relief Bill 22-0321

This bill, when passed, will substantially reduce the tax burden of DC seniors.  It will:

Allow retired federal and DC government employees and retired armed force personnel 62-64 years old to exclude up to $10,000 and 65 and older up to $20,000 of   pension income from DC income taxes.

upcoming chapter meetings

NARFE Chapter 0001

next meeting dates: the first Thursday of the month

-Nineteenth Street Baptist Church on 16th street NW 
-- time: 11:30 am chapter

Future meetings on

contact information
Lynn R. Hill, President
D.C. Chapter 0001
NARFE Chapter 2058 -- will meet at the West End Library 
2301 L Street NW; Washington DC 20037
Thursday March 8, 2018 -  time: 11:30am  -- 12:30pm
 contact: President Jackie --  and/or 301-341-5075

NARFE Chapters 1795 Chevy Chase 

The Chevy Chase (DC) and Georgetown chapters of NARFE meeting will meet: 

Thursday, March 15th 2018 at 6:00 p.m. 

Mark Keen will speak about “the New Tax Law and how it affects all of us.”   Mark will share timely information on the tax law and how we might take advantage of it over the next 7 years.  This should be specifically relevant to retirees and those approaching retirement.   Mr. Keen writes the monthly financial column “Managing Money” for the NARFE Association’s magazine. 

IONA Senior Services

4125 Albemarle St NW, Washington, DC 20016