NARFE - Chapter 97



During the congressional recess in August, Grassroots Advocacy Month asks all members to advocate for NARFE legislation.  That means taking the time to contact our legislators, detailing three talking points:  postal reform, the proposed 2019 pay freeze, and federal benefits cuts.

Modify Postal Reform Legislation.  H.R. 756/H.R. 6076 and S. 2629 would require all current and future postal retirees to enroll in Medicare and pay additional premiums for that coverage or forfeit their national health coverage benefits.  NARFE suggests a simple alternative to preserve choice—maintain the automatic enrollment provisions of the bill for current postal retirees into Medicare Part B, but provide them with a short op-out window of 60 or 90 days.  This alternative allows the USPS to retain the savings associated with those who chose not to opt out, but also maintains the choice of postal retirees.

 Support a Modest Pay Increase for Federal Employees in 2019.  President Trump’s FY19 budget proposes a federal pay freeze for 2019.  Meanwhile the Senate passed a 1.9 percent increase in federal pay, but the House did not.  Federal employees endured a pay freeze from 2011-2013.  Since then they have received small pay increases but had increased retirement contributions without increased benefits.  With private sector wages increasing and decreasing unemployment, a pay freeze is a direct attack on employee benefits.

 Prevent Federal Benefits Cuts.  The President’s FY19 budget proposes cuts that would cost federal employees and retirees hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of their careers and retirement and reneges on the commitments made to federal workers and retirees, who were promised benefits as rewards for careers in the federal government.  The budget proposes to eliminate or reduce cost of living adjustments (COLAs) for current and future retirees.  This and other proposed takeaways diminish the value of federal annuities, threaten the financial security of those just years away from retiring, and generally reduce the quality of life of our nation’s employees and retirees.

 NARFE encourages all members to review the weekly legislative message available for telephone callers at  (703) 838-7780 or toll free at (877) 217-8234 and posted on the NARFE web site  Continue to contact our congressional representatives (Senate and House) with your position on legislative issues.                  Congressman Andy Barr can be reached at his office, 2709 Old Rosebud Road, Lexington, KY 40509, (859) 219-1366 M-F 9-5 p.m.                                         Tom Miller, Legislative Chair                                                                                                                                                                                                       




NARFE, one of America’s oldest and largest associations, was founded in 1921 with the mission of protecting the earned rights and benefits of America’s active and retired federal workers. The largest federal employee/ retiree organization, NARFE represents the retirement interests of nearly 5 million current and future federal annuitants, spouses, and survivors. 

NARFE'S Mission Statement:
>To support legislation beneficial to current and potential federal annuitants and to oppose legislation contrary to their interests,
>To promote the general welfare of current and potential federal annuitants by advising them with respect to their rights under retirement laws and regulations,
>To cooperate with other organizations and associations in furtherance of these general objectives.