NARFE - Chapter 97
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NARFE's Legislative Accomplishments - 113th Congress
 (from Feb '15 issue NARFE Magazine,

+Successfully opposed a switch to the Chained CPI to calculate annual cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs)
+Prevented increased retirement contributions for current employees
+Successfully opposed a proposal to dismantle the Fed.. Employees Health Benefits Program(FEHBP)
+Successfully supported an end to the three-year federal employee pay freeze
+Successfully supported re-employed annuitant authority extension
+Successfully argued for the availability of the FEHBP in retirement
+and several more accomplishments. See web site for more details.

NARFE’s capacity for direct contact through NARFE members with congress and NARFEs chapter structure in every congressional district are still the sharpest tools in our advocacy toolbox. Keep track on a daily basis and contact our Senators and representative frequently. Contact your senators and representative to voice your opinion!

Senator Mitch McConnell (859) 224-8286  
Senator Rand Paul  (202) 224-4343 
Congressman Andy Barr:   (202) 225-4706 
   (Lexington Office number is 859-219-1366)