NARFE - Chapter 97
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Ed Henry's Bread Recipe

Ed Henry's Bread Recipe  (To print with PC, 'right click' on this page, select 'print' in drop-down list, then select 'pages   1' or 'current page' & 'print')

Updated May 2014. Makes 5 approx. 1 pound loaves.

 10-12   cups bread flour or unbleached flour (I weigh 2 lbs 12 oz flour) .
         Use   any   good   bread   flour.   I   now   use   white   lily.
1   cup   sugar
3/4   cup shortening (crisco or I now use unsalted butter)
5   teaspoons   salt (if coarse,   or canning   salt 1   tablespoon)
1   heaping tablespoon yeast (not quick yeast). I use     
         Fleischmann’s bread machine yeast.
3   cups   slightly warm milk (not hot,   just with chill off). I now   
        use meat thermometer. Heat to about 100 degrees, not more.
Set aside 1/2 to 1 cup flour (if the mix turns out too dry, it's Trouble.
        If it's sticky, easy to add flour. May not need all the flour).     
        Work shortening evenly into flour .
Mix flour, sugar, salt, and yeast (or can dissolve yeast into milk but
       don't anymore) .
Mix all with milk and knead until smooth. Add small amounts of flour as
       needed to reduce stickiness. Dough should feel smooth and like
       satin, not sticky.
Let rise in warm place until double, about an hour.

Knead a little more and put in pans,   if desired half to 2/3 full. Let
      rise until double. Punch   down .   Let rise 3rd time until double.
Cook at 375 for 25 minutes.   I don't preheat oven. If you do, it  
     probably won't take 25 minutes to get brown on top.

Two pound version of Henry’s Bread
Flour             18   oz   (reserve   some)
Sugar             3.2   oz in measuring cup
Shortening      5   t   butter unsalted or other
Salt                2   teaspoons
Yeast              1   level tablespoon
Milk               9.6   oz measured in cup about 100 degrees, not more
Follow instructions above. May be made into rolls like in muffin pans.*End *