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The members of NARFE Chapter 95 in Orlando welcome you to our website and hope you find it informative and useful. NARFE is the only organization that works every day to protect and enhance the earned health benefits and annuities of active and retired federal employees and their families. We urge all eligible individuals in the area to join us.  To learn more, click on 'Join Now'

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News from Chapter 95

 Orlando Chapter 95 will no longer have monthly chapter meetings until there are volunteers for Chapter President and Treasurer.  If you are interested in either of these positions, please send your email to NARFE95@CFL.RR.COM

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A Chapter 95 member survey is in the process of being prepared and will be mailed to Chapter 95 members.  Please take the few minutes to answer the survey and place it in the return envelope as soon as possible.  Thank you!            

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 A Look at Federal Benefit Changes in 2020: 

Retirement Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) • 1.6 percent (CSRS, eligible FERS annuitants and Social Security recipients)


Social Security Maximum Taxable Wage Base: $137,700 • A credit is earned with $1,410 of work income • 4 credits if $5,640 is earned


Social Security Earnings Test • The retirement earnings test applies only to people below normal retirement age (NRA). Social Security withholds benefits if your earnings exceed a certain level, called a retirement earnings test exempt amount, and if you are under your NRA. • $18,240 ($1 reduction applied for every $2 earned above this wage limit. This is the same earnings limit for the FERS retirement annuity supplement.) • $48,600 special limit during the year of full retirement age ($1 reduction applied for every $3 earned above this wage limit.)


High Deductible Health Plans • Maximum deductible: $1,400 (Self Only) or $2,800 (Self and Family/Self Plus One) • HSA contributions: $3,550 (Self Only) or $7,100 (Self and Family/Self Plus One) • Maximum out-of-pocket: $6,900 (Self Only) or $13,500 (Self and Family/Self Plus One) • 55+ Catch-up contributions: $1,000


2020 Medicare Part B Premiums • Most participants will pay Part B premiums of $144.60 per month. Please refer to the chart in the January issue of NARFE Magazine (page 18) for a complete look at Medicare premiums in 2020.


Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Limits for Employees • HCFSA (health care FSA): $2,750 per individual • DCFSA (dependent care FSA): $5,000 per household, or $2,500 if married, filing separately


2020 TSP Contribution Limits • $19,500 (regular TSP-1 contribution) • $6,500 (catch-up TSP-1-C contribution)


Webinars for the Federal Community:


February 13, 2 p.m. EST   Understanding the FERS Basic Benefit


February 27, 2 p.m. EST   Smart TSP Strategies to Build a Strong Financial Future


Seminars are always FREE for NARFE members. To register, click on 


More questions? Call or email NARFE’s federal benefits specialists for one-on-one help. All FREE for members. Not a member? Join NARFE today at

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Chapter 95 is dedicated to keeping its members informed and up-to-date in the most effective and efficient manner possible by using email and periodic Newsletters and postcards.  Since mailings often delay vital information getting to members, if we have an email address for a member, we will email, instead of mailing important information about meetings and retirement benefits as soon as it is available.  Members can help by sending their email address, or that of a friend or relative who will receive NARFE email for them.  Please help us reduce your costs, click here






News from NARFE Headquarters

NARFE Celebrates 2019 Legislative Success!

2019 was an exceptional year for NARFE’s legislative priorities. Through aggressive lobbying and the support of its members, NARFE achieved several legislative victories that made a difference in the lives of millions of current and retired members of the federal community. The organization defeated proposals that threatened to cut billions from federal benefits, improved pay rates and enhanced benefits for civil servants, and protected the integrity of agency functions on which federal employees and retirees rely.

• Thanks to NARFE’s hard work and the advocacy of its members, presidential budget proposals to eliminate or reduce cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for all current and future retirees were defeated; along with other proposals, the budget plan included over $177 billion in cuts to benefits, none of which became law.

• NARFE worked tirelessly to pass a 3.1 percent average federal pay raise for 2020—a 2.6 percent across-the-board increase and a 0.5 percent average increase in locality rates. The raise, the largest in a decade, keeps pace with average private-sector increases and achieves parity with military salary increases.

• NARFE secured 12 weeks of paid parental leave for federal employees by working with a coalition of stakeholders and members of Congress.

• NARFE joined with congressional allies to pass into law the Government Employee Fair Treatment Act of 2019, which guarantees back pay for those furloughed during last year’s 35 day shutdown and those furloughed in all future government shutdowns.

Proposed Dues Increase:

In 2021, NARFE will mark its centennial anniversary. As we reach that milestone, we celebrate the progress we have made in becoming a modern, effective, well-governed association that provides valuable benefits and resources to the Federal community.  

With a dues increase of eight dollars, NARFE will continue to provide answers and protect your benefits in the following ways, and more.

  • NARFE webinars: Starting in 2015 with our first two presentations, NARFE’s now-monthly webinars provide valuable information that helps you save money, time and worry. More than 50,000 people have viewed the live presentations. Views of the recorded presentations top that number.
  • Federal Benefits Institute: By raising the association’s profile and investing in our on-staff federal benefits experts, NARFE has solidly branded itself as the “Federal Benefits Experts.” The knowledge that an answer is just an email or phone call away is priceless.
  • NARFE Magazine: This publication continues to be a valuable resource for members. Refocusing the content to offer articles that address the federal community’s concerns and provide it with actionable information has expanded NARFE’s reputation as the go-to resource.
  • Advocacy: NARFE continues to be one of the most respected voices on Capitol Hill. NARFE’s advocacy team provides Congress with the tactical information that it needs to make the best decisions on legislation that affects the federal community. NARFE’s significant impact has kept recent budgets from taking funds out of Feds’ pockets, enhanced and protected federal benefits, pushed for movement on stalled bills affecting the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP), and more.
  • Publicity and branding: NARFE is in the spotlight more often thanks to having a staff member dedicated to distributing NARFE’s successes and information to the media, resulting in national coverage of NARFE’s effectiveness in protecting the federal community.


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