NARFE - Chapter 95
The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the earned pay, retirement and health care benefits of federal employees, retirees and their survivors. Founded in 1921, NARFE‘s legacy spans more than 90 years – working tirelessly in support of our members before Office of Personnel Management, members of Congress and the White House.

NARFE Mission Statement:
  • To support legislation beneficial to current and potential federal annuitants and to oppose legislation contrary to their interests.
  • To promote the general welfare of current and potential federal annuitants by advising them with respect to their rights under retirement laws and regulations.
  • To cooperate with other organizations and associations in furtherance of these general objectives.
NARFE's mission is both critical and timely as Congress and the administration consider unprecedented cuts to federal pay and benefits. Each new member strengthens our message to Congress, fortifies our national outreach, and demonstrates their dedication to maintaining a strong and effective federal workforce.

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About Us


We realize that information is the most powerful key in unlocking the potential of your future. Federal employees, retirees and survivor annuitants who are well informed and actively involved in NARFE are the best defense against the potential erosion or stagnation of the future they have earned.

Federal benefits and health insurance issues can be complicated. The federal workforce knows how difficult it can be to get information in this era of shrinking human resource personnel. Overwhelmed and understaffed, personnel offices often do not have time to help employees plan their futures one by one. Retirees and survivors know how difficult it can be to reach OPM.

NARFE provides it's members with the resources they need. Members have access to a wealth of information through our Web site, monthly magazine, newsletters,  staff, and volunteers located throughout the country. 

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