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The members of NARFE Chapter 95 in Orlando welcome you to our website and hope you find it informative and useful. NARFE is the only organization that works every day to protect and enhance the earned health benefits and annuities of active and retired federal employees and their families. We urge all eligible individuals in the area to join us.  To learn more, click on 'Join Now'

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News from Chapter 95

Our next NARFE Chapter 95 monthly meeting will be held on Monday, January 7th at the Golden Corral Buffet located at 2328 S Semoran Blvd, Orlando, FL.  Lunch is at 12:00 noon (pay for your meal) and the meeting begins at 1:00 pm.  The speaker will be James Hornyak, representative from US Stem Cell Clinic


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                                              NARFE CHAPTER 95 ELECTIONS 

The election of Chapter 95 executive board officers and volunteer chair positions for 2019 will be conducted at the January chapter meeting.  Listed below are the positions available: 


    Officers:                 President            

                                    Vice President    







Chair positions:          Alzheimer’s Chair 


                                    Membership Chair 


                                    Program Speakers 


                                    Sunshine Chair 


                                    Webmaster (chapter website) 


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                  RETIREMENT PLANNING

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New Member Sign Up Bonus - Chapter 95 will pay for one year of a member’s Chapter Dues ($6) for each current member who signs up a new member. 

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Chapter 95 is dedicated to keeping its members informed and up-to-date in the most effective and efficient manner possible by using email and periodic Newsletters and postcards.  Since mailings often delay vital information getting to members, if we have an email address for a member, we will email, instead of mailing important information about meetings and retirement benefits as soon as it is available.  Members can help by sending their email address, or that of a friend or relative who will receive NARFE email for them.  Please help us reduce your costs, click here








OPM Launches Online Verification Center

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has announced the launching of an online verification center to help individuals whose background investigation records were compromised as a result of the cyberattack on OPM’s data files earlier this year. Specifically, the new online program is designed for:

• Individuals who believe their data was stolen but who have not received a notification letter; and

• Individuals who have received a notification letter but who have lost the Personal Identification Number (PIN) that was included in the letter.

The online verification center is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will be available through December 2018. It can be accessed through the main OPM cybersecurity resource center, As an alternative to accessing the verification center online, individuals also can call the verification center at 866-408-4555 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.


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News from NARFE Headquarters


Monthly Legislative Update – Sept 2018

Message from NARFE President Richard G. Thissen:


“FEHB premiums will increase by only 1.3 percent on average in 2019 – the lowest increase since 1996. That’s welcome news for federal employees and retirees. But even with this very modest premium increase, federal employees still face the prospect of their take-home pay decreasing due to the president’s proposed federal pay freeze. Unfortunately, House and Senate negotiations have stalled on the appropriations bill that, if passed, would provide a 1.9 percent average pay increase, and the decision on federal pay likely will be delayed until after the mid-term elections. 

Congress Postpones Decision on Federal Pay, Passes Government Funding Measure to Avert Shutdown

The fate of a federal pay raise for calendar year 2019 will be delayed until after the start of fiscal year 2019 (FY 2019) and possibly until December. The House-Senate conference committee negotiating a final, bicameral agreement on H.R. 6147 reached an impasse. The Senate version of the appropriations package includes the 1.9 percent pay raise for federal employees, while the House version is silent on the issue. With no agreement, the House and Senate simply passed a continuing resolution (CR) to extend funding at this year’s levels for the agencies covered by the bill until December 7, 2018, postponing the battle for a federal pay raise. As a reminder, the president’s proposed pay freeze will take effect if Congress fails to take action prior to the beginning of 2019. 

The good news is the CR will avert the looming threat of a government shutdown. With budget authority for most government agencies expiring at the end of the month, Congress needed to act. The House passed the CR along with the conference report on H.R. 6157, the full-year appropriations for the Departments of Defense, Labor, Health and Human Services and Education, by a vote of 361 to 61. The previous week, the Senate passed the CR and conference report by a vote of 93 to 7. Now that bill heads to the president’s desk, where he is expected to sign it into law and avert a partial government shutdown.

At this point, Congress has passed five out of 12 spending bills so far, covering roughly 70 percent of discretionary spending for FY 2019. Congress now has until December 7 to finish the remaining seven appropriations bills.


Modest FEHB Premium Increases

On September 26, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announced the average Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program premium will increase 1.3 percent in 2019, with the enrollee’s share rising an average of 1.5 percent. This is the lowest premium increase since the 1996 plan year. For comparison, premiums increased by 4 percent in 2018, 4.4 percent in 2017 and 6.4 percent in 2016. Further, OPM stated that this figure is competitive with other large private and public sector employers, whose average 2019 premium increases range from 1.16 percent to 6 percent. This modest increase in FEHB costs is proof that the program’s model of competing healthcare plans is working to keep costs down.

 OPM also announced that 2019 Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) dental plans will see an overall average premium increase of 1.2 percent and vision plans will see an overall average premium decrease of 2.8 percent.

The 2019 plan year Open Season will take place between November 12 and December 10, 2018. This will be an opportunity for the federal community to assess various coverage options and select the plans that meet their healthcare and financial needs. Enrollees’ new health plans will then become effective January 1, 2019.


The Combined Federal Campaign is Underway

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is running full steam ahead between now and January 11, 2019. The success of this program is yet another testament to the caring, charitable nature of federal employees and retirees, and their willingness to go above and beyond for the well-being of their communities, their nation and the world. Federal retirees could contribute to the CFC for the first time starting last year, but their ability to participate was delayed by months due to legal complications. This year, there is nothing standing in the way of federal retirees who want to make a contribution. We encourage NARFE members to take part in the CFC by clicking here. Through this online portal, federal employees and retirees are able to contribute to thousands of vetted, eligible nonprofits through payroll deduction, annuities, credit or debit cards, and bank accounts. In addition to monetary donations, Feds can also volunteer their time and expertise to participating nonprofits working in their community. The CFC raised more than $8.3 billion since 1961 in support of a variety of charities dedicated to disaster relief, housing and shelter, the arts and culture, youth development, animal welfare and much more.

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