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Message From Dora L. Benavides South Area Vice President

Hello Everyone

August 2021 - NARFE Chapter 91, guest speaker Mr. Sean Longoria, Mika's Leaf CBD, 11330 Leopard in Annaville 78410,, gave a very information presentation of the history, uses and types of hemp and CBD used to treat ailments in a holistic natural manner.  Regular chapter meeting followed with updates on upcoming Alzheimer's Hooks Night at the Ballpark on Aug 17th, updated forms for Dues Withholding for "New" and "Current" NARFE members, revised new member NARFE applications, and reminder of Tx Federation Conference on October 13-14 in San Antonio, TX.  Lots of information shared and exchanged.  Hope to see you at next meeting on  September.7, 2021.

July 2021 -  NARFE Chapter 91, Sparkling City by the Sea, will "officially" be resuming monthly meetings beginning on Tuesday, 6 July 2021, at 1:15 p.m., Garden Senior Center, 5325 Greely.  We are grateful to City of Corpus Christi Recreation Department opening their facilities once again to groups and organizations.  We have missed seeing NARFE members smiling circle the date on your calendar.....and plan to attend .   

May 2021 -  Good news businesses are slowly and cautiously getting back to full operation - with some requirements for everyone's safety and concern.. More and more businesses and City of Corpus Christi facilities will hopefully return to regular hours of operation as more and more people are vacinated.  Plans are on track for having the Texas Federation Conference on October 13 and 14, 2021, at the Hilton Apriport location - right across North Star Mall in San Antonio.  More information on registration, making hotel reservations and agenda will be published in the next Texas Federation Register newsletter.  Make plans now to attend this special Texas Federation Conference that will celebrate NARFE'S 100TH Year Centennial  and have as Keynote Speaker - Ken Thomas, Presiddent of NARFE.  Stay safe and have a wonderful Memorial Day and see you soon.     

April 2021 - NARFE Chapter 091 still unable to meet until Garden Senior Center resumes operation for group meetings.  We are checking into possibility of holding virtual meetings - which several NARFE Chapters in South Area have done and appreciate your patience.  As COVID-19 vaccines become more readily available for those persons who elect to take vaccine, people are starting to feel more secure about venturing out and business are slowly welcoming back customers with safety protocols in place (masks/social distancing).  Look forward to resuming chapter meetings in the very near future.

March 2021  -  2020 was an eventful year and glad it's gone.  In 2021, looks as we are slowly coming out of hibernation after the terrible freezing weather we had in February 14-20, 2021. Hope everyone is doing well, practicing safety, washing hands, and wearing masks as needed. As more COVID-19 vaccines are made available for each section of population in greater numbers, we are seeing progress of businesses opening up and welcoming back former customers, decline in COVID-19 virus impact due to more persons getting vaccinated. Slowly getting back to "normal" will be very welcomed, especially when we can resume our monthly NARFE Chapter 91 meetings.  We have missed you and look forward to seeing you again very soon..   

Here are thank you letters from the Food Bank and the Mother Teresa Shelter. It was a good gesture from our chapter. Thank you all. Stay safe!

 Click here for Mother Teresa Shelter. 

Click here for Food Bank.