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OPM Data Breach

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) awarded a new contract to ID Experts to continue providing a suite of identity protection services for more than 21 million current and former federal employees and contractors whose sensitive personal information was compromised in two egregious 2015 cyberattacks. The new contract began January 1, 2019, and will continue at least until June 2020 with a possible full period of performance of five years. According to OPM, those currently enrolled are not required to take any further action at this time, and coverage will continue uninterrupted at no cost. Further information is available on the OPM Cybersecurity Resource Center website.
Congress mandated that OPM provide victims with complimentary protections for 10 years. NARFE continues to push lawmakers to provide 2015 victims of the cyberattacks with lifetime identity protection services, as the threat of identity theft will not simply expire at the end of the 10-year mandate.