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 Delegates gave resounding approval to major amendments to the NARFE National Bylaws that:

    . make membership in chapters optional;
    . convert all e-Chapter members to National members; (there will no longer be an e-Chapter membership designation on new membership forms) 
    . give each NARFE member (including National members) a vote;
    . will keep current 10 NARFE Regions (Chapter 91 belongs to Region VI)

Approval ushered in a new era in the 95-year-old organization.  Resolutions received the requisite two-thirds majority vote in electronic balloting on Tuesday morning August 29th.  Read more convention resolutions information below.

 “History was made at this Convention,” said NARFE President Richard G. Thissen. “The issue of mandatory chapter membership has been a deterrent to NARFE’s recruitment and retention efforts since its inception in the mid-1980s. This vote will allow us to say, ‘Join NARFE.’ ” The resolution providing for optional membership (16-06) received 3,192 votes, 68.78 percent of the 4,641 votes cast. 

Thissen also expressed pleasure that delegates supported one member, one vote. “It is the American way,” he said. That measure (16-24) garnered 3,485 votes, or 74.98 percent of the 4,648 votes cast. It will replace the current representative system in which chapters are authorized one vote for each 50 chapter members. 

NARFE National Secretary/Treasurer Jon Dowie, who chaired the Strategic Planning Committee and Strategic Planning Team, whose work culminated in recommendation of the resolutions, applauded the votes. “The membership displayed courage and foresight in adopting two amendments that will contribute to the long-range success of NARFE,” Dowie said. “Both measures will bolster our efforts to broaden our membership base.” 

Results were announced at the morning General Session. Later in the session, bothThissen and Dowie were re-elected to new two-year terms by acclamation. They both ran unopposed. 

The optional chapter membership and one member, one vote resolutions were submitted by the National Executive Board (NEB).

A third NEB resolution, which would have authorized the NEB to adjust national dues within specific limits (16-07), was defeated by a narrow margin, getting 3,026, or 65.63 percent of the 4,611 votes cast. 

Also defeated by the slimmest of margins – one vote – was a resolution that would have put a requirement for 10 NARFE regions into the bylaws. That resolution (BC-02) received 3,089 votes, or 66.63 percent of the 4,636 votes cast. It needed to receive 3,090 to reach the needed two-thirds. 

 A resolution that would have put a requirement for five NARFE regions in the bylaws (BC-01) was soundly defeated. It received 966 votes, or 20.79 percent of the 4,647 votes cast. 

 All other bylaws resolutions failed. The resolutions, votes in favor, percentage of votes received and total votes cast on the resolution are:

• Return 10 percent of national dues to local chapters (16-08) 1,319; 28.41 percent; 4,642;

Limit dues increases to the cumulative cost-of-living adjustment provided during the preceding two years (16-09) 1,208; 26.05 percent; 4,637;

• Reduce federation 10 Percent Funds to 8 percent with the remaining 2 percent to go to chapters (16-10) 1,324; 28.49 percent; 4,648;

 • Remove the existing two-term limit for the National President (16-11) 1,690; 36.41 percent; 4,642;

• Limit the terms of regional vice presidents to two consecutive two-yearterms (16-17) 1,451; 31.29 percent; 4,638;

• Require publication of NEB agendas online at least 14 days before the meeting (16-21) 1,779; 38.29 percent; 4,646;

• Open NEB meetings to the public (16-22) 2,180; 46.95 percent; 4,643;

• Require recorded and published votes of the NEB on policy issues (16-23) 2,167; 46.63 percent; 4,647;

• Create a new regional federationof chapters (16-47) 296; 6.37 percent;4,648;

• Open membership eligibility (BC-03) 2,608; 56.32 percent; 4,631.         



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2018 NARFE National Conference



August 26-28, 2018  
Hyatt Regency-Riverfront, Jacksonville, Florida


April 11, 2018
Hampton Inn, 1201 Cabela Dr., Buda TX 78610



April 25-26, 2019, Holiday Inn, Longview, Texas