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Dues Withholding Reward - $20 for Retirees!

  Retirees receiving a federal civilian annuity can save!

Save with Dues Withholding!












The Executive Board has voted to extend the dues withholding rebate* program through May 31, 2019.  A member that enrolls in the dues withholding program will receive $20.00 and the member's chapter will receive $5.00. 

 When you submit an application, be sure that the form is completed in its entirety.  Incomplete forms cannot be processed and will have to be returned to the member.  Be sure to sign the form. If you have any questions on the form or the program, please contact the Federation Treasurer.

 Click here for Texas Dues Withholding Form with instructions.

 James Ploen Texas Federation Treasurer

 *Note:  Retirees receiving a federal civilian annuity only.  Active federal employees, Life Members, and Honorary Members are not eligible for dues withholding.   This dues withholding offer applies to members who are or will be members of a Chapter in the Texas Federation.


 Membership Incentive for new, reinstated discontinued

At the September 21, 2017, Texas Federation (TF) Executive Board (EB) meeting, the 2017-2019 EB reviewed the Membership Incentive program voted on by the previous EB at the May Convention and voted to discontinue it effective June 1, 2017.  

The former program paid chapters $10 for each new member to their chapter and $5 for each reinstated member.  However, it was not an incentive.  In many cases the new members were recruited by other chapters that received nothing, and the reinstatement feature encouraged chapters to let member lapse instead of renewing in a timely fastion.

The Dues Withholding incentive has proven to be a good recruiting and retention tool and is continued.