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Texas Federation President Charles Graffam

Message from John L Creswell, PhD

Due to poor health, I resigned as President of the Texas Federation effective August 31, 2020. The demands of my cancer treatments do not allow time to continue at a level the Federation deserves.

Together, we worked as a great team and I will work with the Executive Board and President Charles Graffam for a smooth transition to serve NARFE Texas Federation members.

It has been my honor to serve as your President. God bless the USA!

John L Creswell, PhD

John Creswell passed away on 9 Oct 20.  He will be greatly missed.


 Charles Graffam has assumed the position of President, Texas Federation affective August 31, 2020

 Message from Charles Graffam

First Day! Remember your first day on the job after you received a promotion. Hectic. Confused. Grateful for the chance to excel, but nervous at the need to adjust to a new level of play. That is my today. I have the honor to serve as your new Texas Federation President. This is a not totally unexpected development, but one I had hoped would come later, not sooner. Before I can go forward, I must recognize the dedication and hard work of John Creswell, who by all rights should still be filling this position through the end of his term. John is my inspiration to achieve the excellence in office that he personified. Lastly, I will strive to be the non-partisan president that all our members need and deserve.