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Article I. NAME
This chapter shall be known as the Sparkling City by the Sea, Chapter 91, of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association. The chapter shall be affiliated with the Texas State Federation of Chapters, subject to the constitution and bylaws of that body.

Section 1. The objectives of this chapter shall be to support and work toward the objectives of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association, as set forth in Rule IV, Section 2C of the National Bylaws. In furtherance of these objectives, this chapter shall conform to Association Bylaws. It shall operate in unity with policies established by the Association’s national conventions and National Executive Board, together with such other activities looking toward the preservation of American institutions and ideals as shall be espoused by the Association.

Section 2. The chapter shall not enter into activities, arrangements or agreements that conflict with programs or activities of the Association or its bylaws.

Section 1. Any person who is or will be eligible to receive an annuity or a survivor annuity from any of the civilian retirement programs of any agency of the government of the United States or of the District of Columbia will be eligible for membership in the chapter without regard to race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or age. A member who pays national and chapter dues is in good standing.

Section 2. The spouse of a Federal Retiree may become a Regular Member of NARFE upon payment of the required dues providing the retiree is receiving or is eligible to receive an annuity. As set forth in Article IV, Section 5F of the National Bylaws, other interested persons not receiving a Federal Civil Service annuity who belong to the immediate household of a member of the Chapter may be enrolled as a Social Member of the Chapter upon payment of annual dues as established by the Executive Board. A member who belongs to another Chapter may join as an Associate Member upon payment of annual chapter dues as established by the Executive Board. The Chapter Roster of Social and Associate Members will be kept separate from the Chapter Regular Members and maintained by the Membership Chair. Social Members may not hold offices or have a vote. Associate Members may only vote in their home chapter.

Article IV. DUES
Section 1. The chapter shall fix such dues as are necessary to meet expenses of carrying out chapter business and functions.

Section 2. Any chapter document relating to dues or contributions must contain this statement: “Dues payments and gifts or contributions to NARFE are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.”

Section 1. Chapter officers shall be a president, a 1st vice president (or first and second vice president), a secretary and a treasurer. Nominating Committee will present slate of proposed officers in October, elections will take place in November, and installation of officers will take place at Annual meeting in December. Officers will serve for a term of two year(s) or until their successors are elected. Officers assume duties following the meeting after they are sworn in and fulfill their standard duties, which are detailed in the Chapter & Federation Officers Manual, F-10, which will be provided to new officers. Officers shall be chapter voting members.

Section 2. The Executive Board shall consist of the elected Chapter officers (and other appointed officers and committee chairs, as deemed appropriate.) The Executive Committee shall fill a vacancy of any office and shall exercise such other functions as the Chapter may prescribe.

Section 3. If a vacancy occurs in the Office of the President, the 1st Vice President normally succeeds to the Presidency. The 2nd Vice President normally succeeds to the 1st Vice Presidency. Any vacancies occurring in an office and not filled as indicated shall be filled by the Executive Board, subject to the approval of the members or by election at the next Chapter meeting. The President may appoint any Executive Board member as deemed necessary to conduct business.

Section 4. The Membership Committee shall be appointed by the President. It shall be the duty of the members of this committee to develop a Membership Plan that describes organized efforts to gain and keep members, encourage Dues Withholding, and contact lapsed members.

Section 5. The Legislative Committee shall be appointed by the President to:
a) keep abreast of state and national legislative matters concerning federal civil annuitants and prospective annuitants; and, b) make recommendations for action to the Chapter the Federation and the Association.

Section 6. The President may appoint a Service Officer, a Public Relations Officer, a Sunshine Committee (to visit, call, or send cards to the sick and look after the welfare of individual members), and such other committees as deemed desirable.

Section 7. The Chapter may by resolution require the Treasurer (or Secretary-Treasurer) to give bond for the faithful performance of his or her duties. The expense of obtaining a bond shall be paid from Chapter funds.

Section 8. The Audit Committee shall be appointed by the President in January to annually perform an audit of the financial records of the Chapter.

Section 1. Regular Meeting. The regular meeting will be held monthly on a day approved by the members. A meeting may be cancelled or date changed by chapter vote or by action of 30% of the members of the Executive Board. If a meeting is cancelled or date changed, the membership must agree to this change at a regular meeting. Due notice of cancellation or change shall be provided all members.

Section 2. Special Meetings. Special meetings may be called by the Chapter President when necessary, or upon written request of a quorum of the Chapter’s voting members. Notice of all Special Meetings will be given to Chapter members in good standing at least seven (7) days prior to such meetings.

Section 3. Quorum. A Quorum for conducting chapter business will be three (3) elected officers, or two (2) officers (one officer must be the President or 1st or 2nd Vice President) and ten (10) voting members. If less than a quorum is present, those present may adjourn to meet on a future date, of which due notice will be given to each chapter member in good standing.

Delegates to the Association’s national convention and Federation convention shall be elected by the chapter’s voting members, in accordance with the National Bylaws and Federation guidelines, as soon as possible after the official count of membership and delegate strength is issued by National Headquarters.

The provisions found in Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern chapter business in all matters not in conflict with the Chapter Bylaws or the Association’s Articles of Incorporation and National Bylaws.

An amendment to these bylaws shall be made by concurrence of two-thirds of the voting members present and voting at any regular business meeting, provided written notice of the proposed amendment has been transmitted to all chapter voting members not less than 45 days before the meeting at which the vote is taken. Amendments shall be approved at National Headquarters before becoming effective. (Email is an acceptable form of notification).

(Standing rules may be suspended by a majority vote for the duration of a meeting.)
The order of business at all regular Chapter meetings shall be:

1. Call to order.
2. Invocation (or moment of silence)
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Introduction of new members & guests
5. Officer Reports
6. Committee Reports
7. Unfinished Business
8. New Business
9. Announcements
10. Adjournment

Chapter Secretary: Jackie Sasara_

Date: July 15, 2015

APPROVED at National Headquarters

National Secretary/Treasurer: Jon Dowie

Date: July 21, 2015

This document supersedes all previous versions of Constitution and Bylaws for Sparkling City by the Sea, Chapter 91.