NARFE - Chapter 776
President's Greeting

NARFE Chapter 776 Meeting Place, Time and Day.   Regular meetings are on the second Tuesdays of each month at: Mama’s Kuntry Kafe 1787 West Main Street Inverness, FL 34453.  Meetings begin at 12:30 with a social hour lunch time.  At 1:30 we open the official meeting with an invocation and the pledge to the flag followed by our guest speaker.  Approximately 2:30 the Chapter Business meeting begins with a goal to adjourn by 3:30.  The Decenber meeting will be a Party at the Inverness Country Club. The April meeting will be a picnic.  Sign up in advance is required only for the Dec and April special meetings.

Our 2016 Board of officers is:

President Joel Heath

1st Vice President and Membership Chair Steve Moran

2d Vice President, Legislative POC, Rex Rooney

Secretary vacant

Treasurer Lorie Harrison

Remember NARFE is the only organization lobbying Congress to protect the earned benefits of all Federal Employees and Retirees.  For those of you who are internet savvy it is real quick and easy to write your Congressmen over the NARFE web site - .  If you prefer pen and ink, see your NARFE Magazine.  Thanks much to those serving as Officers and/or helping on all committees! 

Newsletter and chapter info POC: or leave a message at (352) 522-1923.

Respectfully, Joel, Joel Heath, NARFE Chapter 776 President



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Our Current Federal Elected Officials are: Senator Bill Nelson, Senator Marco Rubio and House Representative, 5th district, Richard Nugent.

Joel Heath, NARFE Chapter 776 President 

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News from Chapter 776
Sign up for the December Party at the Oct or Nov meeting.
There also will be a mail in registration form in the Oct 31st Chapter News Letter.
For any comments or questions about Chapter 776 please write to the Chapter president at:

Our regular monthly meetings are on the second Tuesdays of Sep, Oct, Nov, Feb, Mar, and May at: Mama’s Kuntry Kafe 1787 West Main Street Inverness, FL 34453 West Main Street is also known as State Highway 44. Mama’s Kuntry Kafe is in a small shopping mall on the south side of the street just east of ABC Liquor.

The December meeting is a Party at Inverness Country Club and the April meetings is a Picnic.  The Dec and April meetings are the only ones requiring advance sign-up.

Anyone is welcome to attend our regular meetings.  We especially encourage our members to invite guests who are eligible to join NARFE.