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Membership is open to civilians employed in any agency of the Federal or D.C. governments, including:
• Retirees
• Current employees
• Spouses of current employees or retirees
• Former employees eligible for deferred annuity
• Survivors of those eligible to join NARFE

Enrollment includes membership in a Chapter, State Federation and the National Association, with a subscription to NARFE's monthly magazine "Retirement Life" and NC Federation paper. Members are encouraged to have dues withheld from their annuities.


NARFE's mission has remained the same since 1921, to protect and improve the retirement benefits of federal retirees, employees and their families.
Our current legislative agenda focuses on enacting bills to:
Extend the Premium Conversion rights that federal and postal employees have to federal annuitants, so that retirees too can pay their Federal Employee Health Benefits premiums with pre-tax dollars and save an average $400 each year; and,

Repeal the Social Security Government Pension Offset (GPO) and Windfall Elimination Program. (WEP), two provisions which can substantially reduce the expected retirement income of retired federal workers.
People who join NARFE know the most effective means of change starts from within. Each NARFE member's voice and support carries twice its strength in making a difference on Capitol Hill.

People who join NARFE know the only way to make change is to pursue what is right and just so that the only result is the outcome they seek. People who join NARFE know legitimate legislative change involves time, money, dedication and the constant pursuit of what is right and just. It is with this in mind that NARFE has helped change the future for the federal community.

Join us. Become part of a powerful force today.


NARFE realizes that information is the most powerful key in unlocking the potential of your future. Federal employees, retirees and survivor annuitants who are well informed and actively involved in NARFE are the best defense against the potential erosion or stagnation of the future you've earned.

Federal benefits and insurance issues can be complicated. The federal workforce knows how difficult it can be to get information in this era of shrinking human resource personnel. Overwhelmed and understaffed, personnel offices often do not have time to help employees plan their futures one by one. Retirees and survivors know how difficult it can be to reach OPM.

NARFE provides the solution with the resources you need. Members of NARFE have access to a wealth of information through our Web site, monthly magazine, newsletters, NARFE staff, and volunteers located throughout the country. Join forces with the ultimate federal retirement guides and get the answers you need.

Member Discounts:

Membership in NARFE is not without privileges of its own. Earn back your membership dues with valuable savings on auto, long-term care, dental, life, FEHBP and Medicare Supplemental Insurance, and more! From car rentals, to moving services, hotels, and travel offers, get the most for your money through trusted names you'll recognize. Start the advantages of NARFE membership by joining today!

I Just Retired. What Happens Now?

Your personnel office prepares a "Certified Summary of Federal Service" which lists your verified Federal civilian and military service. You should be given an opportunity to review and sign this summary. Your personnel office will also;

(1) certify your Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance coverage to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) if you are eligible to continue coverage into retirement

(2) forward any current designation of beneficiary for your life insurance, or the amount of your retirement contributions, to OPM

(3) process the personnel action to separate you from Federal service

(4) complete the Agency Checklist of Immediate Retirement Procedures.

After your personnel office completes all of its actions, your application and related records are sent to your payroll office.

Your payroll office will authorize your final salary payment from your agency after you separate for retirement, and a lump sum payment for any unused annual leave.Your payroll office will also certify your Individual Retirement Record card, which is the official record of your current service, pay rates, unused sick leave, last day of pay, date and type of separation, and other information used by OPM to determine your retirement benefits. Payroll will then complete the agency checklist and certify your basic pay for life insurance, if necessary.

Your retirement package is then forwarded on a Register of Separation and Transfers to the OPM Retirement Operations Center, Boyers, Pennsylvania16017. Some Federal agencies are transmitting retirement information to OPM by computer tape, which allows OPM and your payroll office to both take needed actions. The package should be forwarded to OPM within 30 days of your separation, although this does not always happen. If the package is not forwarded, contact your agency. OPM cannot act until they have your records.

Note that disability applicants must have their disability approved before any of the above separation process can take place. Preliminary information will be sent to OPM with your disability application to complete the disability finding first. Receipt of a retirement claim number is part of the disability process, and does not mean that your application has been approved.

Shortly after they receive your application and register of separation, OPM will send you an acknowledgement. This will include a "CSA" claim number. The claim number is important because it is the number used by OPM to locate your retirement file, and records on their computer.

OPM can authorize interim annuity payments to provide you with an income until work on your retirement is completed. OPM will send you a notice informing you of the amount, usually between 85% and 95% of the regular amount you will be due- after deductions, such as for health insurance. Interim payments are paid on the first of the month for the previous month. These payments continue until work is completed on your retirement.

The goal at OPM is to complete your retirement within 45 days of the time they receive your records from your payroll office. If your records have left your payroll office, you can check on the status of your retirement by calling 202-606-0500 in the Washington D.C. area or 1- 888-767-6738 toll free outside of Washington. Hearing impaired can call 1-800-878-5707.

If you want to make immediate changes to your Federal or state tax withholding, or purchase savings bonds by deduction from your annuity, you can use Annuitant Express. Have your annuitant identification card with your CSA number, and your Social Security number handy. Then call the toll free number 1-800-409-6528 on a touch tone telephone. You need to be ready to indicate the exact amount of Federal income tax you want withheld from your monthly annuity, if this is the change you want to make.

OPM is also making the above services, and others, available on the Retirement Information Office number 1-888-767-6738 (202-606-0500 in the Washington D.C. area). You will need a PIN (personal identification) number to use this system. A PIN can be obtained by contacting the Office of Personnel Management, Retirement Services Division, Room 1312, Attention PIN, Washington DC 20415.


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