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Chapter 706 of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) provides support to the coastal cities of Oceanside, Camp Pendleton, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach, and Del Mar. 

Join today!  One low-cost membership includes chapter, state and national dues.  You can join NARFE at Half-Price by using the Chapter 706 membership application.  You would pay only $20 for the first year rather than the regular $40.  Thereafter, retired members can save substantially by signing up for dues withholding.  Click here for Membership Form Chapter 706. 

Our members have access to a wealth of information through our website, monthly magazine, newsletters, staff, and volunteers located throughout the country.  Join forces with the ultimate federal retirement guides and get the answers you need. 

The normal monthly Chapter meetings are temporarily suspended during the COVID-10 pandemic.  See the details below in the "Articles of Interest" section.   Once we can return to normal operation, see "Meetings and Events" for details of dates, times and place.  We hope you can come join us soon.

 Stay Safe and Healthy


Articles of Interest

September 15, 2020 Update

Important 2020 state and local ballot initiative information provided by the League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters North County San Diego is pleased to present a Pros and Cons Ballot Measure Presentation via Zoom for the National Active & Retired Federal Employees on Thursday, October 15th at 1:00.

The Pros and Cons presentation will provide a nonpartisan, unbiased summary of each state and local ballot initiative, the financial impact of the proposition, key supporters and opposition, and financial contributions made in support of or opposition to the measure.

Click here for League of Women Voters' Zoom Session information and signin link.

 ****** If you cannot attend the LWV Zoom session, they will have a recording of the LWVNCSD Ballot Measure Pros & Cons Presentation on their YouTube Channel.



August 11, 2020 UPDATE 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns: 


Our October 15th meeting will be done remotely using “ZOOM”.  It will be presented by the League of Women Voters and will cover the Propositions we will vote on in November.  We will provide information on how to get connected later.

No other meetings are scheduled.  Future regular meetings may include the ability to participate remotely or in-person.  Additional updates will be provided by leadership as soon as the meeting location is opened back up by the City of Oceanside.



Retired Members can save!

Retired members can save on dues by switching to dues withholding and continue to get savings of $6 annually PLUS two one-time bonuses totaling $45.

USE THIS LINK Click here for Dues Withholding form (downloadable) to take advantage for this special incentive offer. Please complete the form and mail it back to the chapter today to initiate payment of your monetary incentive.  


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The NARFE Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund (FEEA) helps NARFE members. 


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