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2021 Feds Feed Families


Food banks continue to struggle to help with the explosion in the number of families needing food.  Once again this summer NARFE is joining forces again with other federal groups in the San Antonio area for the annual “Feds Feed Families” Food Drive June 1 through August 27.  The goal is $10 per voting member. 

New Braunfels NARFE Chapter 0672 will be collection money donations either online or through checks sent to our chapter treasurer.

The focus of NARFE’s involvement is to collect money donations for two reasons: 

  • The San Antonio Food Bank has an incredible buying power compared to ours. 
  • Grocery donations need to be taken to the main facility on the far southwest side of San Antonio to be weighed (about 40 miles from New Braunfels) which is not convenient.

$1 donated = $13 buying power by the Food Bank

= 10 pounds of food; = 7 meals for the hungry.

Donate virtually by pointing your browser to 

You may donate via Paypal also: where "10" is the dollar amount you want to donate, minimum of $10, but more would be better.  The minimum is to offset the transaction fee the chapter pays.

If writing a check, make payable to “San Antonio Food Bank,” put “FFF NARFE 0672” on the “For” line, and mail or give to our Chapter Treasurer George Rotblut at any summer meeting.  Your complete mailing address is needed on the check to receive a letter from the Food Bank documenting your donation for tax purposes.  George’s mailing address is:

George Rotblut

8645 Fredricksburg Rd Apt 108 

San Antonio, TX 78240-1203


This campaign began with the Serve America Act which created th "United We Serve" initiative.