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Dues Withholding Reward - $20 for Retirees!


DWH Reward 2019











New and current members who qualify will receive a $20 check from the TF Treasurer, and an annual 15% discount on NARFE dues on renewal.   New members pay only $40 dues the first year.

To qualify for the Texas $20 reward, you

  • must be receiving a civilian Federal Annuity,
  • must be joining or currently a member of a Texas chapter,
  • your expiration date is in the next twelve (12) months, and
  • you must mail the completed and signed Dues Withholding application to the TF treasurer.

In addition to the one-time reward on dues, members under Dues Withholding receive a 15% discount on their NARFE dues annually on renewal, or $6 a year.

For New Braunfels Chapter 0672 members, the chapter dues are $7, so $3.42 will be withheld from your annuity monthly.  (For new members, $3.33 will be withheld monthly the first year, and $3.42 monthly in following years.)

Through May 1, 2019 the one-time TFC reward will be $20. 

Get the form below:

Click here for Texas Dues Withholding Application Chapter 0672.