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How to submit a newsletter article

These are suggestions rather than iron-clad rules.  Since we’re all volunteers it helps the whole team if the process is efficient and effective for those involved.  Articles may be edited to fit into the space available.  The Editor reserves the right to withhold articles deemed inappropriate.


Monday following the meeting in March, June, September and December.


- "Wurst" newsletter is four pages (only one page is available for articles).  It goes to every chapter member by e-mail or US Mail. 

- "Quick Facts" lists meeting dates, officers and committees, legislative contacts, etc. and is distributed to all members the first quarter (January) and by e-mail only the other three quarters. 

- "Chapter eXtra" is published quarterly and  distributed by e-mail only.  It contains meeting summaries, pictures and brief bios of chapter members, and articles that are of interest to those who use a computer. 

The electronic file on our webpage contains all three publications.


- E-mail is preferred. 

- Use a Microsoft Word compatible file format, or text. 

- Graphics should be separate files in .JPG format. 

- Identify any people in photographs if relevant. 

- Photos will not be returned.


- Preferred article length is 200 words. 

- Longer articles, or articles most helpful to those with a computer will go into the "Chapter eXtra" rather than the newsletter.


- Focuses on a single topic.  

- If material from other sources is included, please cite the source. 

- We cannot reprint copyright material without the owner’s permission.


Dorothy Creswell, Editor, 1771 Oakmont Circle; New Braunfels, TX 78132-3846; Phone 830-620-0344, or