NARFE - Chapter 288
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Our mission has remained the same since 1921

We realize that information is the most powerful key in unlocking the potential of your future.  Federal employees, retirees and survivor annuitants who are well informed and actively involved in NARFE are the best defense against the potential erosion or stagnation of the future they have earned.

Federal benefits and health insurance issues can be complicated.  The federal workforce knows how difficult it can be to get information in this era of shrinking human resource personnel.  Overwhelmed and understaffed, personnel offices often do not have time to help employees plan their futures one by one.  Retirees and survivors know how difficult it can be to reach OPM.

NARFE provides its members with the resources they need.  Members have access to a wealth of information through our Web site, monthly magazine, newsletters, staff, and volunteers located throughout the country. 

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Contact Us


President - Corky Dabe (863) 382-9447 (Membership Chairman)

Vice President - Tom Singletary (863) 452-5477


2nd Vice President - Pat Hogan (863) 699-6052  (Legislative Officer)


Secretary -  Ruth Harrison (863) 402-0696 


Treasurer - Ray Eckiss (863) 655-6268


Service Officer - vacant


Historian - vacant


Master-at-Arms - vacant (PAC Chairman)


Chaplain - Pete Harrison (863) 402-0696  (Alzheimer Chair)



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