NARFE - Chapter 1747
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What happened last month:

Jan 21   2020 and 2021 Income Taxes, Diane Polangin,  Virtual Meeting Using Zoom
Jan 7     Executive Board Meeting, Virtual Meeting Using Zoom
Dec 17   Holiday Party (Cancelled)
November 19 - Downsizing Made Easy – Jennifer Tilghman.  Simplifying your life should leave you overjoyed, and not overwhelmed. Five easy steps to help decide what to take and what to leave when you move to a
new home.
October 15 - Chapter 1747 Health Fair – FEHB Representatives from the FEHB health plans will talk about their health plan. This will be a virtual event using Zoom.
September 17 - Senior Care & Housing Options – Jennifer McAndrews and Candice Carter.
April/May - Cancelled due to coronavirus
March 19 - (CANCELLED) PG Sheriff’s Office, Senior Scams, Bowie Senior Center 
February - Estate Planning, Speaker: R. Anthony Pasciuto, Esq., Ledo's Pizza, Crofton, Bowie, MD
January - Taxes, Speaker: Diane Polangin, Bowie Senior Center, Bowie, MD
December - Annual Holiday Luncheon, TBD
November - NARFE Initiatives, Speaker: Barbara Sido, Bowie Senior Center, Bowie, MD
October - Chapter 1747 Health Fair, Kenhill Center
September - Comforcare, Dementia, Ledo's Restaurant, Rt. 3 Crofton, MD, 11:00a
July and August  -  NO MEETING
June - Annual Social Event, Nautilus Dinner, Rt 3 Crofton, MD, 11:30a-2p
May - Legislative Wrap-Up   Speaker: Ed Bice
April -  MD Federation Priorities   Speaker: Gary Roundtree/Sudha Haley