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NARFE chapter 1713 is located in North Port, Forida and is dedicated to assisting active and retired Federal Employees in the maintaince and enhancement of their earned benefits. 



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Chapter #1713 Officers:

All Phone Numbers are in (941) area code.

President: Ron Cibolski 423-6705
 1st Vice Programming: Ellen Nicholson 888-2980
 2nd Vice, Membership: Robert Waters 697-9435
 Secretary: Tom Nicholson 888-2980
 Treasurer: Tom Nicholson 888-2980
 Legislation: Ron Cibolski  423-6705
 NARFE-PAC: Jo Cibolski 423-6705
 Service Officer: John Ventura 423-7475
 Public Relations: Jo Cibolski  423-6705
 Newsletter Coordinator: Ron Cibolski  423-6705
 Chaplain: Jean Dean  426-1932
 Sunshine: Patsy Mares 423-8965
 Telephone Committee: Jean Bell  240-6127
 Alzheimer's Marilyn Hickman 585-2080
 Newcomer's Committee: Ellen Nicholson  888-2980
 Historian VACANT -
 Chinese Auction: Gail Borden  564-8228
 Web Master:  Steve Wilmer  609-902-3150
 NARFE Website:


District meeting Feb. 3rd 2014

Our district meeting will be held at The Olde World Restaurant and Lounge Feb. 3rd.  

More details to follow...

NARFE 1713 August 2014 Treasurer Report

We have recently uploaded the August 2014 Treasurer Report for your review.


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Do you know the biggest mistake you could be making?  Failing to join an organization that represents your interests.  NARFE, National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association, has been working for you since 1921.  Chapter 1713 is active in North Port, including civil and social activities.  We support the North Port Food Bank and assist with the Muscular Dystrophy fundraiser at the Olde World Restaurant.  Raising money for Alzheimer’s research is also a major focus for NARFE.


With over 80 years of experience on Capitol Hill in federal retirement matters, you need NARFE to represent you and NARFE needs you to lobby your own congressional representatives.  NARFE needs your membership to be effective on Capitol Hill where we fight for you. With government changes comes the possibility of losing some of our hard-earned benefits.  It is important to protect them.


All active and retired federal employees are welcome to join the North Port Chapter 1713 of  NARFE in our endeavor to protect our benefits. We have luncheon meetings the first Thursday of every month at the Olde World Restaurant on Highway 41.  Call Ron or Jo at 423-6705 for more information about attending the meeting and becoming a member of NARFE.