NARFE Vallejo Chapter 16

The chapter is very active and has strong leadership.  We were charted April 12, 1949!

Meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month (no meeting in July, and the meetings in April and October are luncheon meetings at an announced restaurant).  We meet at 1:30 PM – 3:00 at the Florence Douglas Center  located at 333 Amador Street in Vallejo.  The Chapter Newsletter has more information about the meetings  

Chapter 16 will welcome you!  We have engaging speakers at our monthly meetings. Past speakers are in "archives" for this section.       Join NARFE  now.  

Message from 1st VP Robin Leong with the January 2021 email Newsletter
Holiday greetings!

This is one really important newsletter, especially for all those
active (Federal employees) NARFE members. President Trump wrote an
executive order to freeze you pay instead of giving you the 1% COLA that
Federal retirees are getting. Read our newsletter, and act immediately
to get Congress to override his executive order TODAY. Ask your
non-member NARFE members to help themselves and call or write an e-mail.
The bill might be passed today! And for the retirees, let's help our
active brothers by doing the same.

During this pandemic, I must say I am forever grateful that I took the
rather tortoise move for a Mechanical Engineer/Naval
Architect/Environmental Engineer in that I have a much cherished annuity
and health benefits while fulfilling a very satisfying job. I feel sorry
for so many other US citizens that did not plan ahead and now are
lacking shelter and food. For those active employees, I hope you weren't
laid off and could do your work at home.

Have a safe and glorious holiday. We are in the tunnel, but there is a
light at the end.

Take care and contact your Congresspersons today!!! 1% is better than
FEHB Open Season - Webinar in one from 5 Northern CA carriers on their plans

Click here for FEHB Changes in one Webinar- For Northern California - Kaiser, BC/BS, GEHA, Aetna, HealthNet.

Offered on many dates and times thru Dec 10.  83 meeting webinar: Kaiser was minutes 0-18, BC/BS 18-40, GEHA 51-67, HealthNet 67-79. Open season recap 79-83

Thanks to Robin Leong, 1st VP for our chapter and Mel Teigen, 1st VP Delta Chapter 1718 for this information.

We will miss seeing you on Nov 10 for your chance to receive this information in person from carrier representatives with their brochures.

Florence Douglas Center is still closed.  We miss them also.


FEHB 2021 premiums for HMOs and FFSs

Helen Zajac, RVP RVIII, says, "The NARFE Magazine did not receive the new FEHB rates in time to publish them this month.  They will be published next month."  October 18

She provided the premiums.

Click here for non postal FFS.

Click here for non postal HMO.

Click here for postal rates FFS.

Click here for postal rates HMO.

CSF Notice of the death of Lea Zajac

It is with deep regret that we must inform you that Lea Zajac, Federation Past President, lost his battle with bone marrow cancer on July 12, 2020. Lea was a 31 year member of NARFE, and served two 2-year terms as California Federation President (2001- 2003) and (2017 - 2019). He was instrumental in developing Federation Executive Board Policies, and, as the Federation Executive Vice President, planned extensive training seminars in five locations throughout California using the same cadre of instructors in each location. Lea became the Federation Convention Expert serving many years as the Convention Coordinator and establishing detailed procedures for conventions. He served as an officer in the Federation, District or Chapter during every year of his membership. He continued his interest and enthusiasm for NARFE by attending nearly every NEB meeting for the past twelve years. Lea retired from Mare Island Naval Shipyard in 1992, with 40 years of service, as the Deputy Nuclear Quality Control Manager. May he rest in peace! The Family has requested that, in lieu of flowers, please consider a contribution in his name to the Mare Island Historic Park Foundation, 1100 Railroad Avenue, Vallejo, CA 94592. A Celebration of Life will be held at a future date due to the current restrictions of COVID-19. Linda W Ingram President California State Federation (CSF) NARFE


Our thoughts are with Helen.

Lea Zajac







bylaws change - 30 day notice - Vote Yea or Nay March 10. Please attend the meeting.

Message from Chapter 16 Secretary - Our current bylaws are wonderful.  At the end of 2016, Past President Howard Fitzpatrick recognized our quorum of 25 members needed to be changed.  Our timing was just bad, as NARFE had adopted one member one vote. This change is so that our chapter bylaws conform with NARFE bylaws.  

This notice will be in our February Newsletter, sent in the mail and email at the end of January 2020.  We will vote on the bylaws at our March 10 member meeting.  Hope to see you there with your support for Chapter 16.

Use the new NARFE logo

The logo on our website will be changed sometime in early 2020, I hope.

new logo
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NARFE Applauds Inclusion of 3 Federal Workforce Provisions in the FY20 NDAA

Paid Parental Leave, Elimination of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), and  
Rehiring Federal Retirees Waiver Authority

 “I’m proud of NARFE’s hard work to ensure these provisions were included in the FY20 NDAA. I commend members of the conference committee and Armed Services Committees for their bipartisan efforts to allow the federal government to serve the American people and urge members of Congress to swiftly pass this legislation and send it to the president for his signature.” NARFE President Ken Thomas

Your Recruitment Efforts Matter - Learn from this Chapter Member

Come to a Chapter 16 meeting and talk to our Hospitality Chair Monte Simmons.  At our May 2019 meeting he received a $75 check from the California Federation for his recruitment efforts for the past 2 years.  Helen Zajac, Region VIII VP, presented him with his recognition check.

Monte receiving his recruitment reward check









Chapter Help Wanted

It isn't too early to think about what you can do for the chapter.  In June we will start asking members to step up for the Oct 2019 - Sept 2020 officers.  If you want information about a position, now is a good time to let us know!

Think about running for Chapter President.  Donna or Robin will be happy to tell you what they do/did.

-Secretary needed now.

-Service Officer - will support and train.

Eugene Stevens volunteered to be Publicity Chair to notify the 3 area newspapers of our meetings.  First new volunteer in a long time.  

NARFE makes public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy EASY!

NARFE’s Legislative Action Center is NARFE’s easy way to send letters to your members of Congress, search for your legislators, report your congressional meetings, and much more!  You don't have to log in to NARFE to use it.  Encourage any interested family members to use it to your advantage (and theirs).

Recruit a member or give the gift of NARFE Membership before December 31 and get $20 back

Gift a NARFE membership and/or recruit a member and take advantage of the incentives.  Do you have friends or colleagues who should be members of NARFE? Recruit them during our Fall Membership Drive and get rewarded. You can earn $10 for every member you sign up from September 1 through December 31.  And another $10 from the California Federation.


NARFE’s Legislative Program for the 116th Congress (2019-2020} is full of needed changes.   But not going anywhere with the current senate.  116TH CONGRESS LEGISLATION AFFECTING THE FEDERAL COMMUNITY

Sign up for DUES WITHHOLDING - save $6/year
You can get a 15% savings on your NARFE national dues if you sign up for dues withholding; $34/year instead of $40/year.  Chapter 16 dues are $11/year, so you pay $45/year instead of $51, and you won't miss the $3.75 deducted from your annuity each month. 
CSFC incentive - annuitant who signs up for dues withholding - $15 rebate. 

Our customized new logo
Chapter 16





NARFE Headquarters Information & Telephone Directory

Here is the Directory for HQ.

FEDcon20 cancelled - email May 22, 2020

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, NARFE is announcing today that FEDcon20, scheduled for August 30 through September 1 at the Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale, AZ, has been cancelled.

new NARFE computer system -AMS

New NARFE AMS Computer Software By Dorothy Creswell, NARFE CAB Chair 

NARFE Headquarters is working on a new computer software system to better meet the needs of our changing organization. The new association management system (AMS) is planned to be a more robust, data-driven and user-friendly system that will allow headquarters to interact with members more effectively, and be more flexible for chapter and federation officers to use.

Here is the latest from CAB - Click here for AMS Help from the NARFE CAB. 

Battle of the Indexes - narfe magazine August 2016

Click here for Aug narfe magazine cola article.

NARFE's Federal Benefits Department explains measurement of the CPI.  Click here for Effect of CPI on COLAs.         


CPI - E is higher than CPI - W.



NARFE and USPS reform

Support the USPS Fairness Act

I know you don't come to this website to look for NARFE's position on helping the USPS and it's employees, but it is so important to all of us, and as a basic citizen right, I want to at least try.  

Advocacy before Congress is NARFE’s core mission.

Want to learn more?  CSFC shared this great NARFE manual.  Legislative Officer and CDL Manual (FH-7).  Read parts to learn about how NARFE works on Capitol Hill with our elected Congress members.

May NARFE magazine article, page 36- ANATOMY OF A SUPER ADVOCATE

Chapter 16 Vallejo would like to recognize our Distinguished Members!

What is a Distinguished Member?  When you have been a dues paying NARFE member for 20 years.  Let us know if you want your certificate, pin and card.  Call our membership chair, or President.

Looking Forward to Retirement? Thank Mare Island

Robin Leong has long told us in Chapter 16, that the Navy Yard Association (NYA) of Mare Island was instrumental in the founding of civil service retirement. 

Member Activism - Fighting for USPS Employees

Chapter 16 member and our Newsletter Editor, Ivars Lauersons, is a long time, stalwart member of National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), Golden Gate Branch 214. He edits their award winning newspaper, THE VOICE of the Golden Gate Letter Carriers.

Examples of activism among Chapter 16 members

Here are some examples of our members' activism.

Did you know NARFE has Coalition Partners?

Coalition building is an important advocacy tool used by organizations to advance their mutual goals. 

So if you are reading this and interested, take the time to log into NARFE and use the handy search function for "coalition".  Worth your time.

What to expect when you join NARFE

   For the first year you receive an email newsletter series titled “eConnect,”  that puts how to advocate and some of the member's benefits in one convenient place.

Meetings & Events
Our next meeting date will be announced here.

Our meeting place, the Florence Douglas Center, is in Vallejo, Solano County.   We will know when the announcement is made that we can meet again and under what conditions.

We last met March 10.  It was a good meeting.  The members approved the change to the Bylaws.  The bylaws are pending approval by the NARFE Secretary/Treasurer.  HQ, in Virginia, has been closed all this time, and there is a backlog of bylaws submitted for approval.  

We enjoyed the talk by local historian Brendan Riley.  You can see a speaker report in the April Newsletter, which was email only.

At the end of March, Membership Chair, Robin Leong gave lists of members without an email address of record, to board members, to ask if they wanted to give us an email address.  It was nice to reach out to those members.  As a result we did a special first class mailing of the May Newsletter to those members without email, thanks to Newsletter Editor Ivars Lauersons.   

At this time, at the end of May, future newsletters will be email only.