NARFE - Chapter 1594
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October Regular Meeting

Officer and Committee Reports:

  • Membership Report for September: Connie Bedock reported our Chapter has 120 members.
  • Treasurer’s Report for September: Gerry Rendon reported for Margarita Hernandez a checking account balance of $486.85 and $2,481.37 in savings for a combined balance of $2,968.22
  • Secretary’s Meeting Minutes: Minutes for August, September and the mid-year Executive Committee were available. No corrections to any of the reports.
  • Service Officer: Sandy Vogel reported she would verify CFC website as one-time or monthly deductions. Ms. Dietert confirmed this is available through the website.
  • NARFE PAC: David Cuellar reported there were no updates.
  • Legislative Report: Shirley Swift reported COLA of 1.6% for 2020 for retirees.

Old Business:

  • Executive Committee voted to continue pay of 1st year membership through December 31st. Motion by Santa Jones to accept and seconded by Shirley Click. Passed by show of hands.
  • Gerry Rendon and Santa Jones participated in New Braunfels W2EA. A total of $1,367 was raised by both teams. Donations will be accepted through December 31st.
  • Chapter bylaws need to be signed by Secretary Christine Cuellar before they can be sent to headquarters for approval. Signed by Christine Cuellar at end of meeting.
  • NARFE membership drive runs through December 31st.

New Business:

  • 2020 Chapter calendar is being developed. Suggestions requested by members for speakers were SAPD to talk on senior scams, Atty Marquart, nutrition, Amtrak and fire department.
  • Honor Veterans at November meeting. Connie Bedock to prepare board listing deceased members.
  • Mini Health Fair in November with Aetna, BC/BS and Humana committed to be in attendance.
  • December Meeting/Luncheon will be at Golden Corral at 1025 SE Military Drive, SATX.
  • Election of Officers:
    • President – Connie Bedock nominated Gerry Rendon and 2nd by Santa Jones. Motion to accept by S. Jones and seconded by Shirley Swift. Passed by show of hands.
    • 1st Vice President – Connie Bedock nominated Al Dreumont. Motion to accept by Shirley Click and seconded by Santa Jones. Passed by show of hands.
    • 2nd Vice President – Joyce Zerr nominated Shirley Swift. Motion to accept by Connie Bedock and seconded by Bonnie Herndon. Passed by show of hands.
    • Secretary – Sandy Vogel nominated Christine Cuellar. Motion to accept by Carmen Dreumont and seconded by Jovita Durand. Passed by show of hands.
    • Treasurer – Santa Jones voiced interest in the position. Motion by Shirley Click and seconded by Sandy Vogel. Passed by show of hands.
    • Appointed Officers:
      • Service Officer – Sandy Vogel
      • Chaplain – Joyce Zerr
      • Newsletter – Gerry Rendon & Connie Bedock
      • Chapter Network Coordinator – Gerry Rendon
      • Chapter NARFE PAC – David N. Cuellar
      • Public Relations Officer – Christine Cuellar
      • Bereavement – Connie Bedock
      • Social (Beverages & Snacks) – S. Swift, R. Harris, J. Durand & C. Bedock
      • Telephone – Connie Bedock will update call list and share with past callers
      • Greeter – Johnnie Davis

Christine Cuellar, Secretary, San Antonio Chapter 1594