NARFE - Chapter 1594
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Members Learn About Hearing Aids and Other Hearing Aid Equipment at May 16 Meeting

Connie Bedock suggested a donation of $50.00 be made to Brookhill Baptist Church for their support of our Chapter.  Joyce Zerr reminded members we were not charged for last year's District 12 and 15 Convention held at Brookhill and we are not being charged for our June 20th, 40th Anniversary celebration.  A motion was made to donate the suggested $50.00 to Brookhill Baptist Church by Elevia Gant and seconded by Johnnie Davis.  Motion passed by show of hands.

Committee Reports:

  • Membership - Connie Bedock reported she had reviewed our membership records.  It showed we had 203 voting members in 2013 but we are now down to 128.  The losses have been attributed to non-renewal of memberships and members passing.  She encouraged current members to recruit new members.  She has applications for membership and forms for member biographies.   
  • Treasurer Report - Margarita Hernandez reported on current assets and debits, with a current balance of $3332.15 as of April 30, 2018.  Motion made to accept report by Sandy Vogel and seconded by Shirley Click.  Passed by show of hands pending audit.
  • Service Officer - Sandy Vogel reported that the new TFR is available on the website:  Ballots are in the June NARFE magazine.  Members were reminded of one vote per member.
  • Legislative Issues - Shirley Swift circulated her report.  Highlights included updates from NARFE President Richard Thissen.  Efforts to slow the decline of membership has been progressing.  Also, efforts to protect federal employee’s benefits is on-going, especially with the relentless efforts by the   President and Congress to cut benefits.  A review of budget aims targeting federal employee pay and benefits was included in her written report.  The May NARFE magazine includes details of the on-going issues.       
  • April Minutes - Secretary C. Cuellar circulated copy of the minutes.  Members reviewed, and motion made by Sandy Vogel to accept the minutes as printed and seconded by Gerry Rendon.  Passed by show of hands.

NARFE PAC-Fund Collections (ref NARFE-PAC advocacy e-mail) showed that NARFE members (20,939) contributed $1, 058,024.29 to NARFE-PAC during the 2017 - 2018 cycle.  Average contribution was $50.53. This was an increase from the 2015 - 2016 cycle.

According to the May NARFE magazine, new Medicare cards will have new numbers to help protect you from identity theft and fraud.  Social Security Administration will mail the new cards to the name and address on file.

2018 NARFE Voting and Elections - Joyce Zerr reviewed ballot information.  The ballot is in the June NARFE magazine.  Members may also vote on-line by accessing the website at  Bylaws and resolutions may be reviewed in detail through the website.  You will need your NARFE member number.  Ballots must be received at Election Services by 11:59 pm ET on June 30,2018.

June 20th - 40th Anniversary Celebration. Joyce reviewed items and volunteers (baskets, door prizes, cake, plates, forks and napkins).  Door prizes will be awarded by sign-in sheet number.

NARFE "Feed Families" food drive collection will begin at the June, July and August meetings.

Walk to End Alzheimer’s is tentatively scheduled to be held in New Braunfels October 13th at Landa Park, starting at 9 am.

NARFE FEDcon18: Conference is in August 26-28, in Jacksonville, FL., with Sandy Vogel as our representative.