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Folks, we work for the good of all Federal Employees and Federal Retirees. Join us in our efforts to keep our hard earned benefits. NARFE is the only organization that has you and your families' best interest as our main goal.


   Angel Almodovar, Clyde Young, Pat Smith, Ward Cox and Ivory Johnson.

Chapter Officers

Angel Almodovar
1st Vice President
Don Stewart
2nd Vice President
Ward Cox
Ivory Johnson
Ward Cox
Clyde Young

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     Hilton Hotel (Altamonte Springs,  FL)


2011 Florida Federation Convention 

2012 Florida Federation Convention

2013 Florida Federation Convention






           The Palace Suites (Kendall, FL)

2011 Mid-Summer Party Slideshow (Mardi Gras theme)

2012 Mid-Summer Party Slideshow (Red, White & Blue theme)

2012 Holiday / Christmas Party Slideshow

2012 Holiday / Christmas Party Photos (PDF)

2013 Mid-Summer Party Photos

2014 Mid-Summer Party Photos

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The House of Representatives passed the extension in May as an amendment, offered by Rep. Gerald E.Connolly, D-VA, to the Fiscal Year 2015 National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA).  Without an extension, the authority will expire in October.  Adding the extension to the Senate version of the NDAA will increase its chances of inclusion in the conference bill that becomes law.  NARFE President Joseph A. Beaudoin said ... "This authority is important for the successful recruitment, retention and mentorship of our federal civil servants.  It helps mitigate the loss of federal employees in the current retirement tsunami and ensures that the government can function effectively, while also filling critical gaps and helping train the next generation of federal managers.  In the five years of use, the waiver authority has proven to be a valuable tool for agency leaders."


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On August 7, 2014 OPM issued its final Phased Retirement regulations.  Many agencies and Federal employees are eager to take advantage if this new, innovative alternative to traditional retirement.  OPM believes that this new policy, once it is in effect, will meet the needs of employees while allowing managers to continue to tap into the experience, the wisdom and the judgment of our talented Federal workforce.  Like any policy, it will come with many questions, so OPM has tried to address some of them today.  Click on the icon photo above to learn more.



Protect America's Heartbeat Campaign


U.S. Congress Recess 2014


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 August - "Grass-Roots Advocacy Month" - Now More Critical Than Ever BeforeMembers of Congress will be in their districts August 4 to September 5, 2014 and there is time to organize an event.  NARFE members can request a meeting with candidates and Congressional Representatives to discuss issues important to the federal community.  A "Choose Your Own Advocacy Adventure" chart is provided to guide members to advocacy success during this summer recess.

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Chapter 1405 thank the editors of NARFE Magazine for selecting this photo and featuring it in the September 2011 editon in the "Out & About With the Chapters" section.  We are honored and thank you for this national recognition as we try to do our part to support the Protect America's Heartbeat Campaign.  The photo represents Chapter 1405 members attending an Open House hosted by U.S. Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart on July 16, 2011, at his new local Congressional Office, located at 8669 N.W. 36th St., Doral, FL 33166.  Congressman Diaz-Balart wanted to meet with his new District 21 constituents to introduce himself, his new office, introduce his staff and have us learn more about the constituent services his office provides.  We provided him talking points from the Protect America's Heartbeat campaign "action toolkit" and a copy of a current NARFE Magazine.  His staff provided us with constituent services information his office provides, a listing of his District 21 staff's names, titles, phone numbers and email adddresses.  His staff also provided information on Constituent Outreach Days where a member of his staff meets in different parts of the district to discuss federal issues.

Pictured (L to R) - Ward Cox, 1st VP; Angel Almodovar, District 7 VP; Clyde Young, Sergeant-at-Arms; Pat Smith, Treasurer; Ivory Johnson, Secretary; U.S. Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart; Don Stewart, Region III VP; Andy Peloquin, 2nd VP.