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Dues Withholding Application and Reward Program
Dear Chapter 1201 Members,
The Texas Federation of Chapters is currently promoting a NARFE dues withholding reward program. 
The dues withholding reward program is a win-win-win situation. First, you will benefit by receiving a one-time cash award of $20 in the mail and will receive a 15% discount on your membership dues. You will not have to worry about sending in annual membership checks in the future. Second, the chapter will receive a one-time $5 reward from the Texas Federation for each member that applies for this program. This will help our chapter with its expenses. Finally, it helps the organization's membership retention for the long term, which will strengthen the advocacy for NARFE's mission - to protect civilian federal employee/retiree pay and benefits.
To qualify for the award, you must be receiving a civilian Federal retirement annuity (this includes annuitant survivors), be a spouse of a retiree with a current NARFE membership, or you are a recently retired federal employee receiving an annuity and want to join NARFE. Spouses of current federal retirees, who are not NARFE members, but want to join NARFE, are also eligible. For current NARFE members, your NARFE membership must have an expiration date in the next 12 months.
We encourage you to apply for this program. To enroll in the program, please fill out the NARFE Dues Withholding Application from the Texas Federation and follow the instructions on the form.
Click here to fill out the application and print it out if you are an existing member and a retiree. Once filled out, please mail it to the address provided in the application.
Click here to fill out an application and print it out if you are a new member and a retiree.  Once filled out, please mail it to the address provided in the application.
If you have any questions, you can email Ben Weiger, our Chapter Vice President, Membership, at or contact Ben by phone at 817-807-3658.
Thanks for your consideration.
Dennis Gaster, President
NARFE Chapter 1201