NARFE - Chapter 1140
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NARFE's mission has remained the same since 1921, to protect and improve the retirement benefits of federal retirees, employees and their families.    People who join NARFE know the most effective means of change starts from within. Each NARFE member's voice and support carries twice its strength in making a difference on Capitol Hill

Top Reasons to Join NARFE                
1. Let Congress Hear You!                                      
2. Learn About Changes                                         
3. Get Valuable Information                                   
4. Get Membership Discounts                                
5. Have a Liaison with the Office of Personnel Management to help retirees and survivors with their benefits                         
6. Enjoy a United Network of Support with other federal employees and retirees                                             
7. Have opportunities for leadership, political action and community service
Member Discounts:
Membership is not without privileges of its own. Earn back your membership dues with valuable savings on auto, long-term care, dental, life, FEHBP and Medicare Supplemental Insurance, and more! From car rentals, to moving services, hotels, and travel offers, get the most for your money through trusted names you will recognize. Start the advantages of membership by joining today!
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